Monster Hunter Rise and Mega Man 11: the collaboration arrives!

Monster Hunter Rise, the new chapter in the saga developed by Capcom currently available on Nintendo Switch, will soon have an event in collaboration with the historic Mega Man series

Following the release of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has had various collaborations with titles belonging to the publisher, including Okami e Street Fighter. In each one it was possible to unlock an outfit, wearable as armor or to customize your Palamuto. Also in the next one, between Monster Hunter Rise and Mega Man, you will have a costume by completing a quest, with which the Palamuto will turn into Rush, a faithful robot animal who debuted in Mega Man 3. A similar collaboration was also in Monster Hunter World, with the Mega Man outfit for the Palico.

Monster Hunter Rise and Mega Man: combo for hi-tech hunters

In this event, hunters will be able to perform numerous actions together with their Palimuto: they will be able to exploit the power of turn into rocket to go faster, or use the trampoline on Rush’s back when dismounting for jump higher and overcome obstacles. Certainly many fans will look forward to being able to whiz around the map and among the monsters together with their robotic dog, as well as giving him, on occasion, even a nice cuddle.

The announcement concerning the collaboration between Monster Hunter Rise and Mega Man was published for the first time on September 17, through an official tweet on the Capcom account. The release date on which we will be able to attend the event will be on September 24 on Nintendo Switch. In addition, another new collaboration is also planned for this fall, but no information has been provided at the moment. If you want to know what we think of Monster Hunter Rise, check out our review.

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