Monster Hunter Rise: here is the launch trailer on PC!

In the past few hours, Capcom has released the launch trailer for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, which will be available from next January 12

We have extensively gutted Monster Hunter Rise first with a preview, deriving from the demo released before the launch on Nintendo Switch, and then with a full-bodied and enthusiastic review. Despite some small shortcomings, in fact, in our opinion Rise was a new starting point for the franchise, with new technical and stylistic mechanics, an impressive artistic direction even on a “small” console like Nintendo Switch and a truly impressive level of immediacy and freedom. The landing of Monster Hunter Rise also on PC is fast approaching, after a long wait from fans who were pawing for an “even better” version technically speaking.

In fact, on January 12th, Capcom’s title will also arrive on PC via Steam, including support for 4K, ultrawide displays, high resolution textures and unlocked frame rate. All the game’s post-launch updates and DLCs released to date will also be available. Pending the official launch, Capcom has also released a new trailer, which we leave you below and which also shows a whole series of new filters that will be available in the PC version.

Monster Hunter Rise on PC shows up in the new launch trailer

The filters mentioned above include the one in Black and white, for a monochromatic look, and that seppia, for a warmer and more melancholy aura. Then we find the Japanese style, that Warring Lands for a more vibrant atmosphere, and style Cinema which adds various effects to the various filters mentioned so far to make the scene more “cinematic”.

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