Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

Capcom has finally released the long-awaited demo of Monster Hunter Rise and in this preview we will tell you about our first impressions of the game

Now the series of Monster Hunter it has been going on for a very long time and over the years the various chapters have evolved more and more. In particular the recent Monster Hunter World and its expansion Iceborne they brought a breath of fresh air to the brand, simplifying obsolete mechanics and introducing lots of new content.

Now this path of evolution and improvement is about to continue thanks to Monster Hunter Rise, the new chapter in the upcoming series exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26. This title starts from the base of World, but stands out thanks to the addition of many new features, such as for example new monsters, new maps and above all new mechanics.

Although there are still a few months left until the game is released, thanks to limited time demo published by Capcom we had the opportunity to try it out in advance. During our test we thoroughly analyzed all of them the main news by Monster Hunter Rise e in this preview we will talk about it in detail.

A freer demo

The new Monster Hunter Rise free trial is available until the end of the month and allows players to take a closer look at the game. There are a total of in the demo 4 quest, two for training and two for real hunting, which you can face either alone or in a local or online cooperative. Also in each of these missions you will be free to use any of the 14 types of weapons in the game.

Compared to many of the demos released for Monster Hunter World and Iceborne this is much freer, given that there is no annoying reduced timer which forced players to rush the hunt excessively. In fact, during the Rise test you will have well at your disposal 50 minutes to complete each mission.

This way you will have plenty of time not only to defeat your target, but also to explore the game map abundantly or try lunge the new weapon moveset. The only limitation is that in total you will not be able to take on hunting missions more than 30 times, but in the end this number of attempts is more than enough to be able to fully enjoy the demo.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

Verticalità e quality of life – Anteprima Monster Hunter Rise

One of the biggest innovations introduced in Monster Hunter Rise are the wire insects, of arthropods capable of significantly improve the mobility of players. These creatures are capable of secreting a very resilient and resilient drool that hunters can use both to move and to attack. For example, thanks to the wire insects it is possible to shoot towards an elevated position, remain temporarily suspended in the air or perform unique attacks.

The use of thread insects is regulated by the wire insect bar, an indicator with two charges that is consumed based on the action performed. To avoid abuse of these very useful creatures, after you have used one of their techniques the charges of the bar they will initiate a cooldown to recharge. Fortunately, however, the time required for the indicator to recharge varies according to the type of action performed, so if for example you are using wire insects simply to move you will have to wait just a few seconds.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

Thanks to the extreme freedom of movement offered by wire insects now even the game maps are much freer. Now the areas they develop much more vertically and have numerous elevated points that can provide shelter during combat. Besides the areas in which the map is divided they are no longer as sharply separated as in the past, given that thanks to the wire insects it is possible to access it even without going through the main entrances. During the demo we could only play in the Sacred Ruins, but we are confident that other areas will also maintain these standards.

Thanks to this freedom the game is much faster than in the past and this feeling is also given by simplification of unnecessarily slow elements. Very convenient features introduced in World have been kept, such as harvesting tools that are no longer needed, tents for changing equipment and rapid travel between camps, but many others have also been introduced. For example now the point objects they will no longer take up inventory space and you can instantly collect all the materials in the collection points with a single animation.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

La cavalcatura Wyvern – Anteprima Monster Hunter Rise

We continue our preview talking about another of the biggest news of Monster Hunter Rise: the cavalcatura Wyvern. This new mechanic allows hunters to jump onto monsters for later control them through the wire insects as if they were puppets.

To activate this technique you must weaken prey using many attacks with wire bugs, but you can also take advantage of the territorial disputes to speed up the process. Once a monster is exhausted, all you have to do is approach it and attack it to jump on its back.

During the Wyvern mount you will be able to control monsters as if they were some kind of extension of your body. For example, you can move freely, use different types of attacks and even use the wire insects for quick dodges. Also, if you land enough hits on another monster, you can fill yours punisher bar and subsequently unleash a devastating special attack.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

The ride lasts for a fairly long predetermined period, but if your steed takes too much damage it may break free before time. However, if you want, you can always finish the check ahead of time crashing the monster into an obstacle.

The Wyvern mount is a kind of fusion between Iceborne’s claw and World ride, but it is much more useful and fun. This mechanic in fact opens the door to many tactical possibilities and makes the other monsters on the map a very useful resource. For example, in some situations you may want to weaken a secondary monster and then ride it and use it in battle against the target of your hunt. Also with good planning it is also possible to execute chain rides making monsters crash into each other.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

Power to the Animals – Monster Hunter Rise preview

In Monster Hunter, the bulk of the work is done by the hunter, but you must never forget yours trusted animal companions. Until now the handyman cats called Felyne were the only ones to accompany the hunters on a mission, but now the Canyne, big dogs trained for combat.

Canynes can help hunters in combat like Felynes do, but unlike them they can also be ridden. While on the back of your partner you can move much faster and performing awkward actions such as eating or sharpening the weapon without slowing down. Thanks to the Canyne dead times during the hunt are reduced to the bone and in the midst of battle you can use them to escape or quickly reposition yourself.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

Capcom’s new game places a lot of emphasis on companions, but also on endemic fauna that you will find in the various maps. World had already introduced the presence of animals with useful effects during hunting, but now Rise made this mechanic even better.

Compared to the previous chapter, the endemic fauna will not only be usable on site, but you can also capture and exploit it later. In fact, it is present in the inventory a special bag with 4 slots dedicated to animals. Thanks to this small difference you will no longer be limited to using the creatures present in the area you are in, but you can finally exploit them in a more tactical way.

Plus Rise also adds gods new animals much more useful than World and Iceborne, such as the Spiriuccelli. These creatures are little colorful birds that flutter around the game maps and offer permanent bonuses to HP, stamina and attack if they come into contact with the floretto of your hunter, a new piece of equipment about which little is known yet.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo

The Full Power of Nintendo Switch – Monster Hunter Rise Preview

Let’s now move on to the paragraph of our preview dedicated to technical sector by Monster Hunter Rise. During our test we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the title. For what concern frame rate the game manages to keep i Stable 30 FPS in any situation, both in docked and fixed mode.

Furthermore also the graphic rendering is really excellent, with maps that are very nice to see and full of elements on the screen. Of course, compared to World the comparison does not hold up but, considering that we are on Nintendo Switch, the work done is truly exceptional. The credit for all this quality is probably due to the use of the new version of the RE Engine, the graphics engine that Capcom now uses for all its major productions.

During the demo we were also pleasantly surprised with the large amount of options available. By tweaking the settings it is in fact possible to modify many elements to meet the preferences of the players. It goes from very trivial things like the sensitivity of the levers to the possibility of massively change the amount of information shown in the HUD.

Monster Hunter Rise preview: a first look at the demo


The time has finally come for our preview where we take stock of the Monster Hunter Rise demo. From what we could see during our rehearsal, the title seems to be a really good step forward for the brand. Rise carries on the refinement and simplification process started with World, and it does improving and expanding the foundations laid by its predecessor. If the full game were to have the same amount of content present in World at the time, then we will probably have another great chapter of Monster Hunter on our hands.

Monster Hunter Rise sarà available exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 26th. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on