Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

In this article we will tell you what you need to know before starting to play Monster Hunter Rise, the new hunting title from Capcom

Now less and less is missing at the exit of Monster Hunter Rise, the new chapter of the historic hunting game series Capcom. At the moment, many fans around the world are waiting to get their hands on this new title, but there are also many newbies eager to do the same.

Approaching a Monster Hunter for the first time, however, is not easy at all, also because there are many people they may not know many of the basic elements of the title. To help newbies we have therefore decided to write this guide, where we will tell you what you need to know before starting to play a Monster Hunter Rise.

Kamura village

First we want to start our article by talking a little about the history by Monster Hunter Rise. Of course, in the titles belonging to this series the plot was never very important, but we still want to mention it.

In Monster Hunter Rise you take on the role of a hunter of Kamura, a peaceful coastal village with oriental hues. Your job is to hunt down monsters who live in the region and keep the village safe from any threats. For years your village has thrived in peace but is now threatened by magnet, a strange event that pushes large hordes of monsters to attack Kamura en masse.

This cataclysm had already befallen your land 50 years earlier, bringing unparalleled death and destruction. This time, however, the villagers are prepared to repel the fury of the monsters and thanks to your help they intend to find out what lies behind this phenomenon and stop it once and for all.

Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

No small fish – Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

Now is the time to talk about one of the elements on which newbies seem to be more doubtful: the “boss“. Many people are tied to one classic conception of the video game in which the protagonist has to face numerous base enemies to make his way to the boss, but in the Monster Hunter series this does not happen. In Monster Hunter Rise your goal will simply be to hunt down your prey which, in most cases, will be a huge creature that dominates the ecosystem you are in.

The behavior of these monsters is much more similar to that of animals in the wild rather than that of a “boss” and consequently, unless you are facing creatures that live in packs, you will hardly find yourself fighting against lesser enemies. On the contrary, given the extreme territoriality of most monsters in the game, often your prey could drive smaller creatures out of the area and even attack the larger ones that threaten their territory.

Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

Wild Farming – Monster Hunter Rise: What to Know Before You Start Playing

If you intend to buy Monster Hunter Rise it is important that you know right away that to fully enjoy it you will need farmer very. In this game there are no levels or other parameters to improve in order to upgrade your character accordingly equipment will be the only way you can get stronger. But know that in the world of Monster Hunter almost every single weapon or armor is forged using monster parts, so to get more powerful you will be forced to defeat the same creatures over and over again.

As you progress in the game you will have to face increasingly stronger monsters and consequently you will often need to change or upgrade your equipment. Also sometimes you may need to participate in missions for the sole purpose of collect materials such as minerals, insects or mushrooms, useful for creating many different objects. This means that for the duration of Rise you will find yourself in repeat the same actions in a loop over and over.

Thankfully, thanks to its extremely fun and rewarding gameplay, the game manages to make farming much lighter compared to other titles. But if you are a player who just can’t stand this mechanic, then we suggest you think carefully before approaching Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

Animal companions – Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

One of the biggest innovations introduced in Monster Hunter Rise are the wire insects. These critters are capable of secrete a very silk resistant that hunters can use for move in mid-air, to perform new attacks very powerful and even for control monsters like puppets! Thanks to these insects hunting will turn out much faster and more spectacular than in the past, giving players the ability to create many new strategies.

Any weapon is capable of using in combat two attacks with different thread insect, but apparently there will be many more. In fact, Capcom recently confirmed that your hunter will be able to move forward in the game unlock and equip new moves belonging to this category. In this way, all players will have the opportunity to use the attacks that best suit their personal style of play.

In addition to the thread insects, another great novelty is represented by the Canyne (or palamute), the new canine companion that will join the already known Felyne. By playing offline you can take it with you any combination of these two animals and harness their strengths however you like. Compared to the Felyne, the Canyne will be more attacking rather than to support, but you can also ride it to move quickly through the maps. This skill will be very comfortable during hunts, since on the back of your partner you can also perform many slow and boring actions such as sharpening the weapon. without having to stop.

Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

Rampage – Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before starting to play

The missions Fury (Rampage in English) are new quests introduced for the first time in Monster Hunter Rise. In these hunts you will have to go to a fort located on the border of Kamura e fend off a horde of tons of angry monsters. To face these creatures you can count on the help of all the villagers, but above all on the many defenses present in the structure. During the mission it will be up to you to decide where to place crossbows, cannons and other tools that will help you keep the horde at bay.

Also during the Fury missions the behavior of monsters will change compared to when you face them in their natural habitat. In fact, above every creature will be present a colored icon which indicates its role during the siege. Monsters with an icon rossa they will mainly attack hunters, those with a symbol verde they will bombard you from afar with ranged attacks while those with the icon will instead blu they will aim at the gates of the fort. Also towards the end of each Fury mission you will have to deal with a Apex, a terrible alpha monster much more powerful than the others.

Monster Hunter Rise: what to know before you start playing

Ready to hunt!

This concludes our article on what to know before playing Monster Hunter Rise. Now thanks to this guide for sure you will know what to expect once the full game is released.

In case you want to know more about the title, we invite you to read ours preview. Also, if this article was helpful to you, we suggest you take a look at ours too guide dedicated to weapons di Monster Hunter Rise.

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