Monster Match review: welcome to Ciambellonia

Monster Match review: welcome to Ciambellonia

If you are a monster hunter, then you are the person we are looking for! Read the Monster Match review to find out why

Place: Ciambellonia, the donut capital of the world

Case: Invasion of monsters

The streets of Ciambellonia have been invaded by crazy monsters and gluttons who are making all the donuts in the city disappear, your task is to help us catch them all!

Monster Match is a game by dV Giochi, it can be played by 2 to 6 players and the matches last about 10 minutes. It is a game of speed, both in finding the monster with the right characteristics and in appropriating the card. Your aim during the game is to collect Monster cards to score as many points as possible to win.

Materials and Setup | Monster Match Review

All the components are inside a soft monster-shaped case. Opening the zipper inside we find:

  • 55 Monster cards
  • 2 dice: one die is numbered from 0 to 5 and the other die has eyes, legs and arms drawn on it
  • 1 No Monster tile

Monster Match review: welcome to Ciambellonia


First mix the 55 Monster cards, place 10 face up on the table and the remaining ones put them stacked on one side thus forming the draw pile. Then put the No Monster card along with the 10 Monster cards, this one also goes face up. Finally, choose who will be the first player and give him i two dice. Now you are ready to hunt down the gluttonous monsters!

How to play | Monster Match Review

To start playing you have to roll the dice and based on the result that comes out you have to take the monster with those characteristics, for example if the number 3 comes out on one die and the legs come out on the other then it means that you have to find a monster with 3 legs. How do you catch a monster? When you have found the card with the right monster to put your finger on it, you can choose only one card at a time and when you have touched it you can no longer change it. The round ends when all the players have stopped looking for the monster, at this point whoever has found the right one can take the card. What if the monster isn’t there? If no monster has the characteristics corresponding to the dice results, you must take the No Monster card as quickly as possible and then you must draw a card from the draw pile and place it among your drawn cards. Once this is done, return the No Monster card to the table and add another 10 cards to those already face up.

Wrong holds

During the game it can happen that you make two wrong tricks: you touch the wrong Monster card or you take the No Monster card when you don’t have to. In both cases you don’t have to take any cards, but instead you have to lay one of the cards you have taken and put it back into play on the table.

End of the game | Monster Match Review

The game ends when the draw pile runs out, even if there are still some cards left on the table. At this point you have to add all the donuts on the cards you have taken, the donuts are at the bottom right (as you can see from the photo). Vince who has more donuts, in case of a tie whoever has the most cards wins.

Monster Match review: welcome to Ciambellonia


Monster Match is a game that at first glance already appeals for its monster-shaped packaging with colors that immediately attract attention, as it is for Happy Salmon and Funky Gallo also by dV Giochi. The great thing about this game is that it is lively, but not hectic and great for the whole family to enjoy. The materials with which the game is made as a whole are also excellent.

Technical details

  • Name: Monster Match
  • Authors: Ken Gruhl e Quentin Weir
  • Publishing house: Dv Games
  • Players: 2 – 6
  • Age: 6+
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Price: 14,90 €

Points in favor

  • Lively game, but not hectic
  • Great game of skill
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Excellent materials
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