The Killy Elite Solo Statue by Blame! is sold out

The Killy Elite Solo Statue on display in the promotional video

The Killy Elite Solo Statue from Tsutomu Nihei Blame’s manga! it sold out a few hours after being put on the market

Only a few days ago we had anticipated the marketing of the Killy Elite Solo Statue from Blame!, the popular sci-fi manga created by the famous author Tsutomu Nihei. In addition to the news of the arrival of the figures made by Figurama Collectors, we had also presented the promotional trailer dedicated to the object, through which it was possible to take a closer look at the details of this limited edition collector’s product. At the news of the opening of the pre-orders, given the small number of pieces available, we had also advised you to keep an eye on the dedicated page on the manufacturer’s website, so as to avoid running out of steam once sales have started. As expected, in fact, the statue is completely gone sold out within a few hours, a sign of how it was an object that was highly anticipated and sought after by collectors.

Blame! Killy Elite Solo Statue: sold out in poche ore

The news of the sales success recorded by the Killy Elite Solo Statue, taken from the manga Blame!, came directly from Figurama Collectors, with the manufacturer of the resin figures who took advantage of the opportunity to personally thank all the fans who responded so warmly to the initiative. This was an extremely important milestone for the company, given that the object represents the first example of the line Elite Solo, as well as the first statue made of resin digitally signed by the manga author original.

The Killy Elite Solo Statue by Blame!  is sold out

The affection shown by collectors, therefore, proved so great from use up the 725 pieces in less than 14 hours available for purchase, making it a very coveted collector’s item. Figurama Collectors has once again kept us underlining how the success is mainly due to the fans of the original work, and to the incredible support they have always shown since 1997, the year in which the work of Nihei-san made his stage debut.

Are you one of the lucky ones who managed to get your hands on this very limited edition? Please let us know, perhaps accompanying everything with a photo, in the comments section, as always here on

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