More news for WhatsApp: here are the polls

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WhatsApp continues to renew itself with various innovations which enrich the potential of the app. In fact, with the latest update of the application, the possibility of create a poll within a chat, both on Android and iOS. Here are the details about this new feature available to app users:

More news for WhatsApp: chat polls are coming

Add a whatsapp chat poll it is one of latest app news and is accessible both on Android what up iOS. Users can choose from various settings enriching the features available in conversation groups.

Note that WhatsApp polls cannot be forwarded to other chats. However, these surveys are meant to be real messages and, as such, can receive Reaction, for example as a form of comment on the results obtained. To add a survey, simply press the paper clip icon and then choose the appropriate option.

This novelty further enriches the potential of WhatsApp which does not intend to stop. The application will continue to renew itself in the near future with the aim of significantly enriching the functions available to users. The arrival of surveys is just another step forward in the app’s growth agenda. Further details are available on blog on WhatsApp.