Fast internet bonus: what it is and how to get it

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All families can get a 300 euro voucher to activate connectivity services that have a download speed equal to or greater than 30 Mbps, regardless of which technology was used

Il Good fast internet 2022 it is a great opportunity for all families who want to activate an internet subscription with a broadband connection. The most important requirement is that the speed is at least 30 Mbps, while there are no gods ISEE constraints to be respected in order to obtain the 300 euro voucher.

It’s not just the bonus though. There are a number of additional concessions for digital service providers and condominiums to encourage the use of vertical cable networks. Navigate the economic section of bonuses to learn more about this opportunity.

What is the fast internet bonus

All families can get a 300 euro voucher to activate connectivity services that have a download speed equal to or greater than 30 Mbps, regardless of which technology was used.

A discount is made on the activation price and the amount of the fees up to a maximum of 24 months. The purpose of this bonus is to encourage Italian families to choose digital services with high-speed networks.

All families residing in Italy can apply for the incentive, regardless of what their ISEE isas long as they have not used connectivity services up to now or if they did, they had to be less than 30 Mbps.

How the bonus works

The family that receives the 300 euro voucher can decide to use it with the service provider with which it already takes place, stipulating a new contract, or can choose to contact a new operator.

For each household only one contribution is recognized. That’s why any additional requests are rejected when one has already been accepted. at the same time, these vouchers cannot be used for those who simply intend to switch a high-speed connectivity service from one member of the family to another.

The beneficiary of the voucher is not forced to remain bound to a specific contract. If, for example, he is not happy, he can decide to change operator and use what remains of the voucher for a new contract.

What happens when the contract expires?

The operator providing the service is obliged to inform the customer at least thirty days before the expiry of the contract. In this way the customer can decide to continue to use the services or not.

If he does not want to make further use of the service, however, he must inform the company according to the methodologies provided by the latter. If the customer does not respond, the supplier will continue to perform its services as usual.

If the beneficiary decides to deactivate the service earlier and not join any other contract, he will lose the voucher and will remain the property of the operator.

How to claim the bonus

Precise information has not yet been given how to claim the bonus to have fast internet at home. When everything is clarified, the Plan will be notified to the European Commission and will at that point be regulated through an Economic Development Decree. Once the implementing decree is in place, the relative procedures will be clarified for being able to present the application.

How much is the fast internet bonus?

We know that a voucher of 300 euros is disbursed for each family that requests it, but this until the allocated resources corresponding to €400 million.

The amount of 300 euros, on the other hand, was defined through an estimate of the prices of all the offers on the market. In fact, it seems that this figure allows at least 50% of the costs to be covered.