Più di un miliardo di download per Google One thumbnail

More than a billion downloads for Google One

Over a billion downloads for Google One thumbnail

The Google One app, used by Android users to manage Drive storage, access via VPN, and many other benefits, has been downloaded over a billion times.

Originally, Google One was a subscription service that provided users with Google Drive storage space. However, as time went by, the company overhauled the entire platform, bringing out many premium features such as the vpn service.

What is the Google One app for?

Currently, the app acts as a hub for your files in Drive and for getting help from Google customer service. Moreover, those who own a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro can access the VPN service for free. After all, it is precisely this beloved feature that the app has passed the milestone of one billion downloads.

There are currently many Google-branded apps that have exceeded one billion downloads. Among these it is worth mentioning the inevitable Google Docsthe always useful Google Translate e Google Lens. However, considering that One is not pre-installed (not even on Pixel smartphones) the result is decidedly remarkable.

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