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Nvidia RTX 4070: shared exclusive photos of the box

RedGamingTech, well-known Youtuber, has recently shared exclusive photos of the box of the not yet announced Nvidia RTX 4070

The box was simply empty, but the news still made the tour of the web. In the latest photos published by the well-known Youtuber RedGamingTech, in fact, the box of the Nvidia RTX 4070 is depicted. This, although the box was absolutely empty, confirms the fact that the well-known company could also offer its design to partners.

It is clear that the photo you see below is a confirmation of the previous plans of the GPU RTX 4070 Founders Edition Of NVIDIA. The box shows no card pictured which means the card wasn’t ready yet. But it could also be that this was a possible design for a box being prepared for an upcoming card.

Nvidia RTX 4070: another leak

To support RedGamingTech is there kopite7kimi, another expert leaker. He has come forward stating the same design could be used by another GPU AD104 call RTX 4060 Ti. Both SKU are scheduled for first half of 2023. This would certainly be a logical decision to reuse an existing card and cooling design for two cards.

Nvidia RTX 4070: shared exclusive photos of the box

The data that appears visible on the card confirms that it requires a power adapter from 2 x 8 pin to 1 x 16 pin and that would be wide 112 mm. To have just a comparison, just think that the RTX 4080 it is wide 140 mmso this Founders Edition GPU would be considerably more small.

The latest specs

RTX 4070 uses AD104-250 o AD104-251 con 5888 CUDA Core. This model is instead equipped with memories GDDR6X and 12 GB and memory bus a 192 bit. As a result, the same configuration of RTX 4070 Ti. The reduced number of cores allows NVIDIA to reduce power consumption to approx 200/250 W.

From the leak, the latest noteworthy information tells us that the mass production for AD104-250 GPUs it is fixed for second half of February. Which typically results in the availability on the market a a few weeks away. What do you think of these news concerns Nvidia RTX 4070? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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