Mortal Kombat XII: leak of the sequel with Will Smith and Chris Rock

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No “friendship”: Mortal Kombat XII’s Oscar-winning blows already have Will Smith and Chris Rock as guest stars, according to a reliable leak

After the Ultimate re-release of the eleventh episode, we are surprised to see Mortal Kombat XII among today’s rumors, yet according to an indiscretion we will find Will Smith e Chris Rock as exceptional fighters. Following in the wake of Fortnite, the new chapter (or should we say “kapitolo”?) Of the most violent fighting game ever will implement guest stars as themselves. As far as we can tell, the unfortunate incident that occurred during the night of the Oscars was part of a complex viral marketing operation for a new game with a completely new dynamic.

Mortal Kombat XII leak: two Hollywood stars join the kombat

the insider note Arianna Danielle Jefferson, noted on Twitter with handler @ Ari-Da-Je14, asserted that Mortal Kombat XII is not only in development, but also has a confirmed roster including Will Smith (in his character Deadshot, from Suicide Squad) and Chris Rock (with a costume inspired by the partially animated film, Osmosis Jones). Warner Bros. Games representative Abraham “Abe” Reil-Foulez confirmed some of the rumors: “We didn’t appreciate what happened during the Oscars ceremony,” continues Reil-Foulez, only to commit a gaffe.

“It was a glaring breach of the non-disclosure agreement,” Reil-Foulez mumbles before correcting himself. “I meant, a sensational fool for the entire Hollywood industry.” According to Jeff Grubb, “We can expect other leaks directly from official sources, at this rate.” As for Ed Boon, the creator of the franchise did not want to expose himself particularly outside of an exasperated invitation to give himself to the fish all for Reil-Foulez of Warner Bros. Games. We will not fail to keep you updated in what already promises to be a day full of surprises.

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