Moss Book II preview: Quill is about to return with all the magic of VR

L'anteprima di Moss Book II: Quill sta per tornare con tutta la magia del VR thumbnail

When Moss arrived in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Polyarc e Sony gave an injection of originality to the world of VR video games, then still a bit immature. Thanks to an engaging gameplay, a super fascinating enchanted world and an adorable protagonist, in a short time the little Quill has become one of the symbols of PlayStation VR. On March 31st we will have the opportunity to discover new adventures with Moss: Book II, the direct sequel to the first chapterin the meantime, thanks to Polyarc, we got to observe in preview the features of the new game. Let’s find them all!

Our preview of Moss Book II

Moss: Book II will take us back to the magical world that is locked away in fictional books. In this fantastic new adventure we will, of course, find the sweet and fearless Quill, the warrior mouse that we will have to support during our journey thanks to the controls of the VR. In addition to him we will find some of the old characters of the first chapter as well as new allies and inevitably, new enemies. The threats ofArcane they are still present stronger than ever.

Fortunately on our side, we will have Quill and the skills we saw in the first chapter in addition to new Gameplay variants that will enrich this adventure and we will need it! In this chapter, in the company of Quill, we will venture inside the cursed castle of the Arcana, a realm of evil studded with obstacles and challenging puzzles. Only us, thanks to VR magicwe can defeat them and save the world once again.

A heroine to love

moss book ii preview 1

During the preview of Moss: Book II we were shown the first game areas where we got a taste of the gameplay mechanics and the upgrade compared to Moss. Let’s start by saying that the style that made us fall in love with the first chapter has fortunately remained unchanged. We have seen little, but the environments and the design of the enemies fully reflect what we expected: vibrant colors and fluid animations characterize the whole game. The graphic level has improved significantly and seems to make the entire gaming experience smoother.

The “power” of VR that we will have at our disposal will allow us to interact with the world of Moss to help little Quill he has to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Drag objects, create new paths and solve puzzles it will in fact be our way to continue in the story and pass the level. As Quill juggles the path we have just created, she will have to face the enemies that will stand in her way. In this regard we find new skills and weapons for the little mouse who can also hold a powerful hammer. Even in the fighting we could support her by creating ghost weapons for really real damage.

As anticipated, the basic formula has not changed since the first chapter. While this impacts on the in-game novelties, it manages to keep the spirit and style of Moss vivid and immaculate that has won the audience. It must be said that we have still seen very little and that we can’t wait to tell you more in the review that will follow soon on

-2 weeks until Moss arrives: Book II

Moss was able to demonstrate in his time that VR was more than just a visual experience and that even video games that use this technology can thrill with an interesting story. It seems that the second chapter wants to move on this path, fully mastering all the potential of VR.

Moss: Book II will be available starting March 31st on PlayStation VR.