Dacia chooses Snapchat AR to launch Jogger

Dacia sceglie l'AR di Snapchat per il lancio di Jogger thumbnail

The launch of the new Jogger, makes Snapchat and Dacia present a new partnership focused on innovation.

With this entry on the platform, Dacia – together with the media agency OMD, the creative agency Publicis Conseil and with the support of Busterwood – has thought of a direct extension of its television commercial, which leverages Snapchat’s augmented reality. In particular, to fully grasp one of the strengths of Jogger, namely its cockpitcapable of carrying seven people comfortably, users are asked to identify themselves in the shoes of a skater who has the target of accompanying seven passengers on board the vehicle.

This campaign is not only based only – in a coherent way – on the concept of the TV commercial, but it transfers him to a colorful and fun universe, in which it is possible to immerse oneself thanks to the AR.

The relationship between Dacia and Snapchat, in absolute terms, however, is not a new thing. The car manufacturer is among the most daring and pioneers in terms of the use of AR on the platform and has bet in a decisive and anticipatory way on this mode together with Snapchat, in particular during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. This choice allowed Dacia to maintain a strong bond with current and potential customers by introducing new models to them even when the dealerships were closed.

“With this new Lens created specifically for Jogger we leverage the playful side of activation, which is combined with a very successful AR experience. We have achieved excellent results thanks to the Lenses made for the Sandero and Spring models, and I have no doubt that the new Jogger Lens will be a success “, comments Olivier Suchard, Global Director Media, Data & Digital di Dacia.

The longevity of the collaboration between Dacia and Snap is also linked to the audience of the platform in Europe: an audience that is not only wide but also “loyal”, with a large slice of users that has grown with the application, which represents a privileged channel for reaching the target 25 + / 35. Precisely this audience, together with the innovative augmented reality technology made available by the platform, constitute some of the factors with the greatest added value that Dacia finds in its Snapchat partner.

“The new Dacia campaign once again demonstrates the potential of augmented reality, which combines entertainment and utility and allows Snapchatters to become gamers within the TV commercial, all while discovering the new Dacia Jogger. Dacia, Snap’s longtime partner, continues to surprise our community with its audacity and innovative spirit, ”he says. Raphaël Schwartz, Head of Automotive di Snapchat.