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Moto GP Thailand, Martin fills up but Bagnaia remains leader of the World Championship

Bagnania remains world championship leader after the Thailand Moto GP. All the details in this dedicated article

The Moto GP stage in Thailand smiles on the Spaniard Martin, who hits the mark with pole, dominance in Saturday’s Sprint and photo-finish victory in Sunday’s race. An all-defensive weekend for Pecco Bagnaia, who however still remains the leader of the World Championship, with alone 13 points ahead on the attacking Martin.

The Italian riding the official Ducati experienced a situation similar to a leader of the Tour de France, aware of having to face a stage favorable to his direct rival in the standings; the imperative in these cases is not to collapse in the difficulties but to get to the end of the race without losing the yellow jersey. Or, to make an extra-sporting comparison, Pecco behaved like a savvy roulette player, who on the green table or on the website manages to end the evening with a nest egg of chips in hand. 13 points are still a decent margin in the standings for Bagnaia who will have to avoid taking risks in the remaining races of the world championship, with Martin ready to give everything to fill this gap.

Moto GP Thailand, Martin fills up but Bagnaia remains leader of the World Championship

A mind-boggling final phase

Saturday’s Sprint race was dominated from start to finish by the Spaniard from Ducati Pramac, while Bagnaia was embroiled in a dangerous tussle with Zarco immediately after the start, finishing only in seventh position upon arrival. On Sunday it was again Martin who took advantage of the pole to take the lead of the race from the first corner, while Bagnaia, starting from sixth position, had to work hard to stay glued to the top positions, before moving up to third place thanks also to the Ducati rider’s fall Alex Marquez.

The final stage of the grand prix it’s all about the trio of Martin, Binder and Bagnaia, with the South African from KTM even leading with 4 laps to go, before being overtaken again on the penultimate lap by a masterful braking overtaking by the attacking Spaniard, aware of having to win this round in Thailand at all costs to close the gap points gap that separates him from the Italian, leader of the world championship. But it is Pecco Bagnaia himself who, before starting the last lap, attempts a masterstroke, with a braking move on the outside in the curve that leads to the final straight; a laudable attempt, but not crowned with success in the trail game.

This brings us to the last lap, with Martin managing to leave Binder and Bagnaia behind at the checkered flag. A photo finish, with a small yellow: the South African is penalized and leaves second position to the Italian, for having ended up over the curb, on the part of the track painted green, right on the last lap! The next round of this MotoGP finale increasingly focused on the duel between Bagnaia and Martin is scheduled for two weeks in Malaysia.

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