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Moto Parilla launches two “made in Italy” e-bikes: Carbon and Trilix arrive

Motorcycle Grill, historic motorcycle brand in vogue between the late 40s and late 60s, has resumed racing in the form of e-bike a few years ago when, in 2017, the current vice-president of Moto Parilla Filippo Beltrami together with his then professor and a designer friend, decided to put on the market a new concept of electric bike, which from the historic brand took up the captivating style and originality. There are two models available at the moment: Carbon e Trilix.

Moto Parilla launches two all-Italian e-bikes

A distinctive sign of e-bikes, from the very first concept, is the very high degree of innovation and design, firmly integrated with the will of bring the world of bicycles to that of motorcycles as much as possible. These choices have prompted the company to create very refined models in all respects, with first-rate materials, recovered through a very short supply chain, made up of Emilian suppliers, all a few kilometers from Reggio Emilia, Moto Parilla headquarters. .

Two, for now, the models on which the catalog is developed, divided into a series of further customizable variants.

Moto Parilla e-bike

The first is Carbon, an e-bike with a unique, stylish and ‘aggressive’ design was born from the encounter between the world of bicycles and that of motorcycles. The model has been constantly updated and improved. The assembly takes place inside the workshop, and it is totally handmade, bike by bike, with particular attention to detail.

Moto Parilla e-bike

The second instead is called Trilix, and it is the perfect city e-bike ideal for urban use, inspired by the concept of ‘Graziella’, but with lines that recall the bike thanks also to the characteristic trellis frame, with a unique and captivating design. Its strengths are its great handling, autonomy and the possibility of using it in different contexts, citizens or extras.

The obsessive attention to the selection of materials, finishes and assembly, combined with the practically infinite possibility of tailoring customization, makes Moto Parilla a vehicle destined for a narrow niche of people, eager to own not only a performing e-bike, but also a product capable of combining the highest quality with the uniqueness of the pieces produced in limited numbers and totally made to measure.

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