Recensione MotoGP 21 per Xbox Series X/S: si torna in sella

MotoGP 21 review for Xbox Series X / S: back in the saddle

The Milestone series returns once again, with the intention of being the most authentic and complete experience of the sport so far. Let’s find out together MotoGP 21 for Xbox Series X / S in our review

After the discomforts due to the pandemic, MotoGP is also returning to the world videogame scene thanks to the Milan studio. The Milestone guys have always had ups and downs, but with this new title the desire to improve below is clear all aspects of production. This MotoGP21 is the result of a heavy baggage that they have carried over the years, and which they have treasured and experienced. Without further ado, let’s find out together MotoGP 21 in our Xbox Series X / S review.

Rossi is there

Before we start with the actual review, it must be emphasized that this is it the official game of the 2021 world championship and includes all the official categories of the competition. The title therefore includes the Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. Being the official experience, the game contains all the real licenses, bikes and riders of the current scene. This means that we will be able to take control of all our favorites to whiz in the saddle of their racing cars. In addition to this, all the tracks of the regular world can be found in the game. Furthermore, having come out late due to Covid, it is possible to participate in both the for-Covid championship and that of the current year. Not bad I would say.

MotoGP 21 review for Xbox Series X / S: back in the saddle

Let’s turn on the console – MotoGP 21 review for Xbox Series X / S: back in the saddle

Taking the pad in hand for the first time, we are faced with a fairly familiar menu. If you’ve played any modern “sim” driver, there isn’t much unknown in this setup. Compared to Codemaster’s F1 series, Moto GP 21 doesn’t offer a range of record diving modes. Seen from the point of view of the quantity and general quality of the product, this does not necessarily have to be a defect. However, with the time available, the Milestone guys could have given fans a slightly more in-depth experience. There are three modes available: online, fast and career. Quick modes provide Grand Prix, Time Trial or Championship Race. Basically, everything that is expected. For these modes you can choose riders from the Moto GP to the Rookies Cup sponsored by Red Bull, or you can take a dip in the past to ride 800 4-stroke bikes, 990 2-stroke bikes and 500 2-stroke bikes. This is useful if you want to play as legends like Casey Stoner, Troy Bayliss or simply if you want to retrace the quirky haircuts of Valentino Rossi During the years.

If you are still a beginner, it will be offered to you at the beginning of the game a series of tutorials (basic and advanced) to familiarize yourself with riding, handling the bike and the penalty system. Personally, it felt like an eternity to complete the penalty for the long lap and some of the advanced sessions. Although it is recommended that you do not need to complete the tutorials, not being particularly useful to become familiar with the different types of bikes that can be used. Specifically, the tutorial didn’t help us find consistency in terms of handling or what to expect from the vehicles, and left us a little bored.

Gameplay and feeling with the bike – MotoGP 21 review for Xbox Series X / S: back in the saddle

Let’s start with the most important aspect of a racing game: the race. In MotoGP 21, as in previous chapters, handling is a great challenge but extremely rewarding to overcome. We can imagine some getting frustrated during the first few hours of the game, but there are enough “assists” to help novice drivers (braking lines, optimal trajectory, etc.). Generally speaking, we can say that Moto GP 21 improves as confidence is gained and the driving assistants are disabled. Riding the bike is almost a mini-game in its own right: rocking from side to side while tweaking every corner, modulating the throttle and braking to find the best line. When it works, Moto GP 21 is a fluid and thrilling racing game. If at first you can barely make a turn without falling, don’t worry, this is completely normal.

In the strictest terms of the gameplay, the handling offers great feedback on the gamepad so that you always have an idea of ​​when you are at the limit of the grip of the bike. Even if you make a mistake, you don’t feel like the game is over-punishing. Knowing what to fix and making changes to your play style can gradually improve until you find a square. It must be said that from this point of view Moto GP 21 is a fairly correct and balanced racing game. The races can also be challenging depending on the difficulty, at the higher ones the AI ​​pilots are not afraid to slip under you and make you widen, causing an accident or risking to end up in the gravel. The races are also not long, with a maximum of 20 laps, but the concentration required means that one is “busy” most of the time without getting bored.

Look and simulation – MotoGP 21 review for Xbox Series X / S: back in the saddle

Once on the track, the feeling is really great. The glance (although not hyper-realistic) however, it is on excellent levels and the textures are generally well made. The variable weather is very nice, and besides an aesthetic factor it forces the drivers to stop in the pits to change the wheels and do a quick check. The rain in particular is rendered really well both visually and as a result of driving reactions; finding yourself giving a basin to the asphalt is a matter of a moment. In addition to the purely “visual” factor, however, MotoGP 21 suffers from some big problems. We are a little tired of finding the same scenes and the same dialogues monotonous commentator at the beginning and end of the race, or at the entrance to the pits (every time you enter the pits, he announces “they will be thinking of some changes”). At this rate, every weekend becomes the same as the previous one, resulting in one deep monotony. Also this time the commentary is absent, and certainly hear Guido Meda commenting on a race would have been an extremely positive point.

The same could be said of any other racing game, but even F1 2021 adds some variety in terms of challenges, tasks and rivals. There is none of that here. In terms of stability instead the game runs well on both Microsoft home consoles. The game also supports HDR if you have a compatible TV or display if you want a little more power and liveliness. Fans of this sport they will also appreciate the audio, in particular the tone of the engines and the Doppler effect of the bikes. The difference between a Moto3 and a Moto GP is night and day in terms of features.

MotoGP 21 review for Xbox Series X / S: back in the saddle

Online Experience – MotoGP 21 Review for Xbox Series X / S: Back in the saddle

Even the online experience of MotoGP 21 it is quite essential. As for online content, classic public lobbies are available to “join” to play with pilots from all over the world and private lobbies to play with friends. Beyond that we find one Race Director mode, where you can set the type of sessions, the weather conditions and even assign penalties. Also, if you are a fan of eSports and want to compete, the series Rising Stars is open to registrations. In reality this is all as far as online racing is concerned, as already mentioned it is rather sparse and, like the career mode, it lacks variety. An interesting mode only for those who want to challenge themselves against others online and maybe improve in view of a competitive championship potential.

Let’s sum it up

Net of what we have seen in this review of MotoGP 21 for Xbox Series X / S, we find ourselves as usual to draw conclusions. Milestone continues in the wake of the last chapter bringing evident improvements to the series, without losing some vices. Developing a game every year, in a context made very complicated by the pandemic, is certainly difficult. It follows a title it has of the merits of the gameplay (great realism and excellent driving feeling), but also many defects. The tutorial is almost useless, and the cutscenes are always the same as well as the comment. The already planned list of updates will certainly make it a better and more complete game, but at the moment the feeling of having to deal with a product not finished enough it is strong enough.

MotoGP 21 è ora disponibile per PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch e Microsoft Windows. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay connected on for more news, reviews and much more from the world of video games. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Hello and happy gaming!

Points in favor

  • Excellent driving simulation
  • Official game of the world championship
  • Graphically satisfying

Points against

  • Lack of mode
  • Tutorial superfluo
  • No audio commentary
  • Slightly monotonous career