Anteprima MotoGP 23: le nostre prime impressioni

MotoGP 23 preview: our first impressions

We had the opportunity to preview the new MotoGP 23 for PC. What are the novelties presented by Milestone? Let’s discover them together

Just over a month away from the release of the new motorcycle chapter of Milestone. The long-awaited date by two-wheel fans is in fact set forJune 8ththe day it will finally come out MotoGP 23but we of we had the pleasure of testing it for you. Before continuing, however, we would like to point out that it is a matter of a not yet complete version of the title.

It was therefore not possible for us to test all the game mechanics, such as the career mode or the multiplayer, however the innovations introduced make themselves felt heavily even so. Despite this, however, we will also be able to give you more details about these methods and everything concerning the title due out next month.

MotoGP 23 preview: our first impressions

First inside – MotoGP 23 preview

Let’s start first of all from what the simulation / immersive experience of the title should be, starting with the absolute novelty: the Neural aids. Or better, I should have started like this once I picked up my pad e started the game for the first time. Personally I hadn’t played a racing simulation, read MotoGP 22, for a few months, almost four months to be exact.

Although it is not that far away in date, I can only tell you that for the poor “I’m sorryBagnaia the first lap was countless flights, disastrous falls, long at the curves, gravel dives andjust so we don’t miss anything, collisions with barriers that on the other hand the crash test dummies lived less. Taking back a motorcycle “in hand”. it’s not as simple as one might expectespecially when the simulation experience is so realistic and a pad is not the best way to drive a motorcycle of that caliber.

So here I am intent on re-reading the part I had skipped relating to Neural Aids. After testing to my chagrin that it took me longer to get my bearings than I thought, I decided to set all the aids to maximum, to understand how much the experience changed. I won’t hide from you the fact that I’ve found myself falling down all the time ad have a motorcycle that was completely self-driving.

Well yes, the Neural Aids, designed mainly to help beginners, if set to the maximum they are nothing more than an automatic pilot that steers, brakes and accelerates completely on its own almost. There are four levels of pre-set aidsbut nothing does not mean that you can you choose how to dose each single setting, both in terms of acceleration, braking and assisted steering. This way you can have a slight leewayfirst finding the structure that best suits your skills and then going to remove something to make the game more fun.

MotoGP 23 preview: our first impressions

Aids that don’t help – MotoGP 23 preview

Although therefore they are meant for lighten the adventure of the novices, these can become a real problem. Giving all the maneuverability to the AI, for example, will take away the pleasure of cornering. However, there are even worse problems than this. Controlled acceleration in particular it will prevent you from launching your bike as you would like, braking it whenever you are not on the trajectory.

Yes, we know, what I just wrote seems like a contradiction, but it’s the pure truth. It has often happened to us that while we were on a straight line, well away from any curve and therefore from possible braking, our pilot slowed down abruptly, releasing the accelerator and making us parade by the opponents. This used to happen every time we went off the ideal linefor example by moving slightly to the right to avoid a bike that had exited the corner slower than us.

To the loss of speed in the straights is then added one somewhat embarrassing speed when cornering. On the other hand, in fact, although the help makes us slow down on the long run, on the other hand when cornering it allows us to keep your finger on the throttle trigger at all times, guaranteeing us an inhuman speed that will make us detach our opponents even by half a second just in the corners. In short, a slight overhaul of these Neural Aids wouldn’t hurt for the purpose of a better experience for those who are beginners.

Precisely the latter were the central fulcrum of the entire development chain led by the Milestone team which seeks to bring new users to its titles. In this sense the developers have also gone to improve road holding of motorcycles after a small bump, making light contacts more harmless. A great help for those who couldn’t bear to fall due to an opponent entering and lightly touching them as they started or finished a bend.

MotoGP 23 preview: our first impressions

And let’s go! – MotoGP 23 preview

Earlier we announced that we would talk about new careerthe main point of the game and on which the developers seem to focus a lot. We will start this new adventure from the last Moto 3 GPs, in which we will have to put all our effort into achieve the set results and, why not, do even better. Based on what was done in the race we will obtain a certain amount of notoriety that will allow us to reach or not the team of our dreams.

From what can be seen, it will also be possible change teams during the current season, but unfortunately we don’t know the details of these mechanics. To further increase the dynamism of the title there is then the introduction of Dynamic Weather and therefore the possibility of exploit the Flag-to-Flag ruleor the possibility of changing bikes during the race in progress.

Very useful we also found the MotoGP Academy, even if, in our opinion, it should be revisited a bit. Through this particular “academy” we will know every curve and every millimeter of all the circuitslearning the braking points, the ideal trajectories and putting into practice on a single lap what we have tried previously sector by sector.

While useful for new players new to the tracks, we would have preferred a “piccolo corso” that you explain to new users the importance of braking, understeer or oversteer, the efficiency of the damper installed on the MotoGP bikes and other small details that would surely have been more useful for novices. That way it would have been easier to learn how to set up the bike and perhaps the abbreviations present in the speedometer which indicate the various values ​​to be set would not be Arabic for those who have no experience in this field.

MotoGP 23 preview: our first impressions

Many improvements… but that’s not enough!

There is certainly no shortage of novelties in this MotoGP 23 and, although it is only a preview version, one can already feel a slight difference with the previous chapter. However the title is crude and we hope that the final release version is skilfully refined by the development team.

Some mechanics absolutely need to be revised in order not to distort the title too much from its simulative nature and in our opinion some will also have to be made in this sense post-drop physics changes. Intact, when the bike slips away it starts rolling in the gravel, no physical damage to the structure is noted of the same, but only this vehicle which appears to be harder than a steel beam and consequently indestructible.

Obviously we are very optimistic about the final version of MotoGP 23 and we think that, if Milestone does what it has to, the title could truly be a masterpiece. This trust is also based on a truly impeccable technical sectorwith a truly sublime and very realistic graphics as only a few games can boast.

We remind you that MotoGP 23 will arrive on all platforms on June 8th. In order not to miss the future review regarding the final version, nor future news regarding the gaming universe, continue to follow! If, on the other hand, you are looking for some slightly discounted titles, you can take a look at the Kinguin pages.