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Motorola 312: Here comes the new group of experts in research and design

Motorola is committed to bringing the most innovative technologies to market while providing maximum value to customers. To drive that innovation, the company introduces Motorola 312 Labs, a new group in the field
of the Motorola product organization, which includes global research, design and engineering experts focused on the development of innovative devices.

Through research, conception, conception and prototyping, the group will be tasked with bringing radically different mobile solutions and technologies to life in the near and distant future, further supporting Lenovo’s mission, of which Motorola is a part, to enhance research. and development over the next three years.

Follow up on growth and prominent products
Motorola’s business saw impressive growth and profitability, posting its best quarter ever, with earnings hitting a new all-time high of $ 89 million, while revenue grew 27% year-over-year, registering maximum value in 15 quarters thanks to a solid portfolio of products such as motorola razr, motorola edge and moto g, and services such as ThinkShield for mobile and Moto Talk.

The company – which has brought important innovations such as shatterproof screens, moto mods and the foldable razr – relies on Motorola 312 Labs to continue to offer new technologies to the market. Looking ahead, the Motorola 312 Labs will focus on key areas including the connected ecosystem of the future, the evolution of the metaverse, the exploration of new and unique mobile and wearable form factors, and the advancement of technologies related to display, AR and VR.

“The Motorola 312 Labs are uniquely positioned as their mission is to explore the unknown, but with a research team that has the expertise to turn a concept idea into reality,” dichiara Dan Dery, Motorola Vice President of Product. “One of our skills is understanding consumer needs, because there’s no point in innovating if you don’t deliver value. For us this is a primary focus as we look to the future of mobile technology ”.

A global team of experts with roots in Chicago
The “312” in the name of the new lab represents one of Chicago’s best-known telephone area codes. Motorola’s innovation has deep roots in this city, where iconic devices were born, from the first mobile phone to the first flip clamshell. The team is based in the iconic Merchandise Mart, where over 30 employees work
individual workshops. The group also has teams in Brazil, China, India. By embracing the values ​​instilled by Lenovo’s Product Diversity Office, Motorola 312 Labs will continue to build a diverse team and ensure that a mix of
disciplines take part in the innovation process. For example, from a consumer research perspective, a screening process ensures that a representative sample of various ages, genders, abilities and races are included in the sessions.

The Motorola 312 Labs therefore represent an important step for Motorola to continue exploring the mobile experience in every direction.

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