PlayStation – Play Has No Limits: arriva a Milano

PlayStation - Play Has No Limits: arriva a Milano thumbnail

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s communication campaign dedicated to the new spot officially began on October 28th “PlayStation – Play Has No Limits” showing what can happen when the video game is raised to an unprecedented level as dozens of characters move around a city conceived as a chessboard.

The film tells the story of two rival kings, who clash in an epic scenario following the exploits of a pawn – the most common piece on the board – as he makes his way through the city. On his path he encounters several challenges, but in the end he manages to conquer the penthouse of the rival King, leading his team to victory.

To the traditional communication campaign, on air in Italy from 28 October to 13 November 2021 on TV and Cinema media, and to the digital campaign running until 30 November, a special animated billboard is added, until 21 November, in the beating heart of Milan, located in via Ripa di Porta Ticinese, on the Navigli.

The poster, conceived and developed by Urban Vision in collaboration with the agency creative H48, in addition to showing the “PlayStation – Play Has No Limits” commercial, reproduces the iconic PlayStation® symbols and the DualSense ™ controller in 3D animation.

Below is a thirty-second video that tells a little about how the billboard itself appears on the Navigli, within a Milanese scenario that is certainly embellished.