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MOTOROLA: here is the new RAZR 2022

New MOTOROLA RAZR 2022. Iconic design and endless possibilities that redefine the standards of foldable phones

Motorola Mobility (click here for more info on the company), acquired by Lenovo Group in 2015, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo. This is responsible for the design and production of all smartphone a brand Moto. In the last few hours, in fact, the company has presented the new folding model, or the RAZR 2022.

Details of the new Motorola RAZR 2022

Always a pioneer in foldable phones, Motorola’s exploration and innovation of foldable systems has never stopped. The company, in fact, constantly continues to push itself beyond technological boundaries. Today, therefore, introduces the next generation of razers, the motorola razr 2022, a device revisited to give life to other magical possibilities. From his splendido design at the ease of use, motorola razr 2022 sets a new standard in the foldable phone category. This device represents the evolution of previous generations, from which it takes the best. Improving more and more the main features developed taking into account consumer feedback. Among these the more advanced camera mai vista its a foldable, a more powerful battery it’s a display impressionante.

MOTOROLA: here is the new RAZR 2022

Iconic and modern design to ensure productivity and entertainment always at the top

Razr presents a minimalist design, compact and pocket-sized, with an elegant matte finish. This new modern look offers two display options, both of which offer a premium experience. The 2.7 “Quick View interactive display allows you to stay connected with a single glance. You can read, view notifications and send messages, take photos, make payments and more, all without opening your phone.

Then just open the razr to discover a stunning 6.72 ”FHD + P-OLED display with refresh rate up to 144 Hz. P-OLED technology allows you to admire over a billion shades, from the deepest blacks to the fullest and most vibrant colors. Also, thanks to the certification HDR10+ and 100% of the color range DCI-P3, the display meets cinema standards for color accuracy. Always guaranteeing entertainment at the highest levels. To make the most of these two displays, a redesigned hinge holds the device in Flex View, so it can stay open in multiple angles without the need for stands. It also allows you to work and play hands-free.

The split screen functionality then allows you to operate with multiple open apps. Now you can really watch a video while cooking, or use it as a tripod to take great selfies, group photos or make video calls. It is also perfect for those who want to keep it open at night, using the Quick View display as an alarm clock.

MOTOROLA: here is the new RAZR 2022

Flagship cameras in a flip phone

When it comes to the most advanced camera ever built into a flip phone, high resolution is just the starting point. The main sensor from 50 MP boasts great Ultra Pixel from 2.0 μm. These ensure 4x higher sensitivity in low light conditions for sharper and more vibrant photos. Shooting with 32 times the number of focus pixels, thanks to the Instant All-Pixel Focus function, also ensures faster and more precise performance in all lighting conditions. Finally, the main sensor is equipped with OIS to eliminate unwanted shaking for crystal clear photos and videos.

Thanks to the sensor 13MP wide angle more subjects can be included in the shot. While the Macro Vision sensor allows you to frame 4 times more or to capture even the smallest details by shooting 3.5 times closer than a standard lens. You can also record stunning videos with over a billion shades of color that meet rigorous standards HDR10+ with regards to color accuracy, color range, brightness and contrast. Or film in cinematic quality directly on your phone with 8K video recording, achieving a resolution of over 33 million pixels, the highest possible on a smartphone today.

But that is not all. Thanks to the large Quick View display, you can use all these cameras to take amazing selfies. For a larger screen, just open the phone and use the 32MP camera, the highest resolution front camera in a flip phone, for selfies and video calls.

MOTOROLA: here is the new RAZR 2022

Industry-leading performance and power all day with the Motorola RAZR 2022

To keep the razr in step with modern life on the go, Motorola has equipped the device with the most advanced Snapdragon mobile platform Present your one smartphone. It Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and the Qualcomm processor faster and more powerful than ever, which makes the phone smooth and improves performance, saving on battery life. This platform enables faster 5G connections, Snapdragon Elite Gamand professional quality cameras. It will thus be possible to experience new generation features, such as advanced artificial intelligence and very fast refresh rates.

For the ultimate in peace of mind, a long-lasting battery, 1.25 times larger than the previous generation, and one charging twice as fast con TurboPower da 30W offer hours of power in minutes of charging.

MOTOROLA: here is the new RAZR 2022

Spatial audio in any environment

The spatial audio of Dolby Atmos ensures engaging entertainment. Whether you listen through the phone’s two large stereo speakers or headphones, you can hear the bass, vocals and clarity of all your favorite content in Dolby Atmos at its best. For recordings and voice calls there is the first triple array microphone available on a foldout, for a uniform and clear sound.

Unleashing the potential of your phone on the big screen motorola razr 2022 integrates all the features Ready For: The Quick View display and new hinge design make it even easier to unleash the potential of the device without having to open the phone. You can, for example, use the razr as a wireless mouse or trackpad while gaming on the go on the big screen, or simply fold it into mode Tripod View and give your best with the webcam.

Price and availability

Motorola razr 2022 is already available at the price of 1.199, 90 euro.

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