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Smartphone without screen, MyManu Titan can stop scrolling

Lo smartphone is now a necessity practically for anyone: between apps for working on the go and chatting with friends and family, we all use it. But many would like to avoid stare at the screen of the smartphone and ‘shake’ endlessly. Or at least they would like to try it. MyManu promises to help us with Titanthe first “smarpthone without screen“. But how exactly does this device work?

MyManu Titan, the first “smartphone without screen”

If the name “smartphone without screen” sounds very suggestive, MyManu has created a concept in Titan that could seem almost simple. Basically, this device is a size of a couple of earphones enabled for e-SIM connection, which allows you to access the internet without the need for a physical card (as is the case, for example, in the Apple Watch).

This makes this pair of csmarter office than any rival on the market, because they can access the web without needing to connect to a smartphone.

What exactly does this “smartphone without a screen” do

But to do what, exactly? From the MyManu site we can find that Titan satisfies the main functionalities of a smartphone. Allows you to making calls to anyone you want to to send messages using voice commands. And without a doubt it is a great solution for listening musica e podcast also in streaming (something that those who run or ride for sports will undoubtedly appreciate.

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In addition, Titan allows you to to translate what you are listening to in 30 different languages, thanks to the MyJune app included with the earphones. This way you can take advantage of your “smartphone without a screen” while traveling.

Rest your eyes

This device reminded us of the sci-fi Fringe series, where in an alternate universe mobile phones had become a small earphone to hold in the ear to make calls. But that series debuted in 2008 and perhaps failed to predict the impact of the release of iPhones and other smartphones about our habits.

In that alternate world there were no TikTok videos to see endlessly, we could not bring the whole Netflix catalog or all Disney movies in your pocketthere were not games to pass the time on public transport. He hadn’t foreseen that we would have wanted bigger and bigger screens to have computers in your pocket, rather than real phones.

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But on the other hand, in recent years audio entertainment is becoming more and more popular: podcasts and audiobooks are more listened to than ever. A sign that maybe we have really want to rest your eyes.

MyManu Titan are also rexisting in rain and sweat, an adjustable base around the neck and USB-C charging. All features that could make them great for anyone who wants running or strolling leaving your smartphone behind: you can listen to your favorite playlist, receive calls if needed and send messages, all without carrying a real smartphone with you.

Perhaps this is for most of us “Smartphone without a screen” is too drastic an approach. But it could start keeping us off screens while keeping us connected. If the prospect appeals to you, you can sign up here for a 57% discount (from 397 to 170 dollars)with shipments starting in 2023. And maybe hope that tomorrow also other brands will put eSIMs in their earphones, to help us stop the “infinite scrolling”.

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