Motorola presents the smartphone that wraps around the wrist

Motorola presenta lo smartphone che si avvolge attorno al polso thumbnail

Motorola presented some mobile devices with an innovative concept to Lenovo Tech World 23, among which stands out a foldable smartphone that even wraps around the wrist. This concept, which recalls an idea already presented in 2016, becomes a hybrid between phone and smart watch, which is really interesting.

Motorola shows a smartphone that wraps around the wrist

This new one flexible screen it’s a technology that could lead to a new generation of mobile devices. The concept involves a display pOLED FHD+ da 6,9 pollici that you can bend and shape into various shapes, within certain structural limits, to adapt to user needs.

According to Motorola, the key idea behind this flexible screen is that the phone can deliver different functionality depending on the shape. From flat, the device delivers a complete Android experience, similar to that of a traditional telephone. Wrapping it around your wrist, the visible display is reduced to 4.6 inchesand the Android features adapt to an experience more similar to the one you would have with the external screen of the Razr 40 Ultra.

This is a bold concept that could raise some practical challenges. For example, users may worry that the phone might slip from the wrist (as noted on DDay), but in the concept presentation video you can glimpse a sort of magnetic underbracelet that could solve this problem.

The search for new forms and ideas is a crucial step in the progression of technology. In the case of Motorola, the concept Revolucion represents a bold idea which could pave the way for new developments in flexible screens.

While the Motorola Revolution concept may not immediately become a marketed product, it demonstrates a very interesting possible future for foldables. Although, before using it in place of a smartwatch, it will take a lot of research to find a solid grip around your wrist.

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