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Vorwerk and the new home products on offer in view of Christmas

The Christmas showcase of home products is expanding with Vorwerk, let’s find out all the details in this dedicated article

Bimby TM6 represents the perfect union between cutting-edge technology and ease of use in a single efficient product; ideal for those who want to simplify life in the kitchen by obtaining high quality results and is among the Vorwerk products on offer for Christmas.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Bimby TM6 offers access to around 9,000 recipes through Cookidoo, an integrated platform that allows you to follow preparations at every stage. Equipped with multiple features, Thermomix TM6 allows you to create delicious dishes with various cooking options, significantly reducing the time required. The included accessories, such as the Slicer, allow you to cut and grate fruit and vegetables with precision, speed and ease. The starting price for the Thermomix TM6 is €1,399.

Vorwerk and the new home products on offer in view of Christmas

Further details on the Vorwerk products on offer for the Christmas period

Folletto Modular Cordless Cleaning System (Folletto VK7s + Robot VR7s + charging station with emptying base): represents a complete and innovative solution for domestic cleaning adaptable to the needs of each user. The system integrates the cordless Folletto VK7s vacuum cleaner, light and easy to handle for deep cleaning, and the recent Folletto VR7s robot vacuum cleaner.

The latter can also be programmed via app for daily and constant cleaning of the house. Thanks to the combination of advanced technology and high-level performance, the complete Folletto VK7s and Robot VR7s cleaning system simplifies the management of household cleaning. The starting price for the Folletto Modular Cordless Cleaning System is €1000 (costs vary based on the purchase of individual products).

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