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Motorola: Smart glasses are the future but they won’t replace phones

The smart glasses and the VR headphones may be the future of technology but that doesn’t mean we’ll be ditching our smartphones anytime soon – that’s what he said Ruben CastanoHead of Customer Experience at Motoroladuring an interview with CNET.

Motorola says: smart glasses are the future but they can’t replace cell phones

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“The smartphone will always be at the center,” Castano said when asked about how the metaverse will affect future smartphones and devices such as smart glasses. “The smartphone is a very personal device. It’s something you always carry with you ”.

The metaverso is a generic term that describes online spaces where people can work, play e socialize through digital avatars. The concept itself is not new but there has been a interest boom latelysince companies like Meta and Microsoft have made one fundamental part of their business.

At the same time, tech giants such as Meta, Sony and Microsoft have done progressi in the development of smart glasses e VR glasses in the last few years. Both advances are intended to play a crucial role into the future of personal technology. If the metaverse will become the next great evolution of the social internetthen smart glasses may someday become our preferred method of accessing them.

It is said that too Apple is working on a similar device.

But a future where people will use smart glasses only regularly and only is still there distant, according to Castano. For now, the most popular iterations of the metaverse will be those we can access through smartphones. Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox games have been cited as examples of the metaverse that already exist through our phones today. Castano said:

It is an extended reality, and there are different opinions. I think ordinary consumers will still be able to access a lot of this metaverse, this digital overlay, directly through their smartphone.

Motorola in the field of smart glasses?

Motorola is known for its smartphones but is also exploring emerging technologies like the smart glasses. Its new model, the Motorola Edge Plussupports the software development platform Snapdragon Spaces XR by Qualcomm for augmented reality glasses.

Furthermore, Motorola recently announced a “5G Neckband” con Verizondesigned to house computing components in the interest of making smart glasses lighter.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Castano thought about smart glasses and the metaverse. Smart glasses will be “next-level” devices for accessing the metaverse, according to him. But they shouldn’t be considered a substitute for the telephone; the two devices probably they will work in tandem.

It’s inevitable: smartphones will continue to be a fundamental element in everyday life. Not only do we use them to communicate, read emails and watch movies, but they are also becoming our digital wallets, car keys and connection hub for newer devices like smartwatches and wireless headsets.

“We will have more and more smart devices at our disposal,” he said. “But at the end of the day, the phone will always be our primary controller.”

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