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A fake Nvidia GPU mining fix was malware

A fake tool for the mining Of Ethereum harnessing the power of Nvidia GPUit actually turned out to be a malware. Compromising the computer of those who tried to produce cryptocurrencies, without being able to do so.

A fake Nvidia GPU fix for Ethereum mining was actually malware

The software tool had arrived on GitHub, promising the possibility of harnessing the power of recent Nvidia video cards for mining. The fix “Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker“Allowed to enable the production of cryptocurrencies and had aroused the interest of many enthusiasts. The solution was necessary because Nvidia had the software inserted into the GPUs Lite Hash Ratewhich discouraged miners from buying new video cards designed for gaming.

In a livestream on YouTube, Red Panda Mining, however, revealed through the analysis of the miners ChumpchangeXD e Y3TI that the software actually contains several malware. Not only that: as Tom’s Hardware explains, the tool does not even allow mining.

Nvidia has implemented Lite Hash Rate from mid-2021 to prevent mining from stealing cards from players. GPU production during this period is sluggish due to problems in sourcing raw materials for chips and disruptions to supply chains.

Since the announcement of this choice, many miners have purchased older generation RTX cards, still powerful but without the upgrade. So the possibility of removing the tool with a fix available for free it seems too good to be true. And so it was.

The fix has detected a cyber threat. Capable of causing various problems, such as a excessive CPU usage, an analysis of system drives and other suspicious activity. On Joe’s SandBox Cloud you can learn more about how the malware in question is spread.

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