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Moulinex: presents the new Easy Fry Oven & Grill

Moulinex Easy Fry Oven & Grill, an ideal gift for every taste, for gourmet, healthy and time-saving recipes. Frying, grilling, browning, reheating, cooking, is air fryer mania

The air fryer has entered among the new essentials for preparing food and ISTAT confirms it, placing it in the 2022 basket. A real must have for multitasking generations who love change. But above all that in the kitchen they use technology as a versatile ally to balance taste, well-being and time.

Moulinex (here for more info) Easy Fry Oven&Grill responds to the most contemporary needs. Thanks to its ease of use and its 9 functions (air frying, browning, grill, baking and spit cooking, dehydration, toasting and heating) it revolutionizes life in the kitchen. Ideal for Survivors, those with little time to spend in the kitchen, for Veggie Lovers, Green Addicted, Sports lovers and also for serial cooks looking for new emotions. Versatile and powerful, you can do everything with it, ranging from salty to sweet.

Details on the new Moulinex Easy Fry Oven & Grill

Even if the hands of the clock are in a frenzy between work and personal commitments, it is not necessary to give up on tasty and healthy dishes. This is the case of the Survivors, those who survive in the kitchen without going too far into recipes or experiments. 8 preset programs, fries, chicken, meat, fish, pizza, cakes, dehydration and grill. Easy Fry Oven & Grill gives you the opportunity to prepare a complete meal in one go, from appetizer to dessert. It is indeed possible to exploit the 3 trays at the same time adding a different meal to each, allowing you to enjoy time for yourself, friends or family.

Vegetables and imagination, a combination increasingly sought by Veggie Lovers and beyond. The air fryer inspires innovative grilling and new riots of zucchini, eggplant, broccoli and cauliflower cooked to perfection thanks to its die-cast grill, of great resistance and lightness. Original, delicious and rich in flavor vegetables that can be prepared in different ways in the name of creativity. Even sportsmen, who follow a diet that is attentive to caloric and nutritional intake, can renounce guilt thanks to the use of air. This reduces o eliminates the supply of oil for fried foods, and thanks to healthy dishes cooked in the oven, grilled, roasted (but also heated) in a few simple steps.

Moulinex: presents the new Easy Fry Oven & Grill

The news

The new air fryer from Moulinex is the 30% faster, takes less time to heat up and cooks quickly, and is more energy efficient than a particularly energy-intensive classic oven. And, in a moment of maximum attention to energy consumption, this aspect is also important, not only an environmental but also an economic priority. For those who pursue an even more sustainable approach also in the kitchen, i Green Addicted, is a great quick way to reheat leftover food. Especially if it needs to be crunchy again, embracing an ethical approach avoiding waste.

And for the Serial Cooks skilled and passionate, a rich man digital recipe book, offers a range of exquisite recipes. All downloadable on your smartphone thanks to the QR on the package for real effect dishes. THE 7 accessories they also allow you to prepare a wide variety of dishes: 2 grids, a basket for french fries, a grease tray, a chicken fork, grill and plates with
removable handle. And finally, a plus that everyone will appreciate is represented by the dishwasher safe components, to allow you to save further precious time and effort.

Prices and availability

Easy Fry Oven & Grill by Moulinex is available on and at the main retailers al recommended price of € 229.99.

And you? What do you think of this new air fryer Easy Fry Oven&Grill di Moulinex ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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