MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review: small and quiet

Recensione MOUNTAIN Everest 60: piccola e silenziosa

In this review we will analyze and discover the MOUNTAIN Everest 60 gaming keyboard, compact, silent and responsive

MOUNTAIN is a company born to offer the best to players and content creators. Their mantra “Reach your summit“(” Reach your top “in Italian) is very explanatory about their version of the gaming world. Just like climbing a mountain, the game takes you on a journey that can be fun, challenging and exciting. Some may experience the thrill of climbing the most challenging slopes, while others are perfectly happy with a hike up an easily accessible mountain.

Play therefore, whether it is on a professional level or not, it must be a unique experience, full of memories to be shared and lived in all serenity. That’s why the company has created increasingly ambitious products (just look at the Everest Max) to consistently meet the needs of all gamers, making them reach their peak in performance. Today, in this review, we are going to analyze the Everest 60a 60% mechanical and modular gaming keyboard which, if necessary, can mount a numeric keypad. Let’s find out together.

MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review: small and quiet

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 115 x 307.2 x 46.44 mm (115 x 404 x 46.44 mm in with numeric keypad)
  • Weight: 768g (1000g with numeric keypad)
  • Connectors: 3 porte USB type-C
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Materials: aluminum for the upper cover, ABS for the lower cover, foam, silicone
  • Switch: 3-Pin Hot-Swappable MOUNTAIN
  • Switch soket: 3-pin and compatible with 5-pin Cherry-MX-style
  • Lighting: RGB
  • Key rollover: NKRO
  • Update frequency: 1000 Hz
  • Keycaps: PBT double-shot
  • MCU: Cortex M0
  • Layout: US-ANSI a 64 tasti
  • Memory: up to 5 profiles
  • Software: Base Camp (for Windows systems only)

MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review: small and quiet

Packaging e design – Review MOUNTAIN Everest 60

The Everest 60 complete with numeric keypad, the version we had the pleasure of reviewing, will arrive in two boxes, containing the main body one and the keypad the other. Both packs have a common design. On the side of the opening we find the company logo, while the sides are characterized by some information relating to the product and the company. Once the first package is opened, we will immediately find ourselves in front of the keyboard. From the first glance we can see the constructive solidity of the same, appreciable even more once taken in hand to go and observe the underlying part of the package.

Here we will find the cable USB da type-C a type-A to power our keyboard and connect it to the PC, gods magnetic feet to raise it up, the keycap and switch removal tool, a guide and stickers with the company logo. In the other instead we will find, in addition to the numeric keypad, only the magnetic feet to adjust the height to that of the Everest 60. The design of the two bodies is almost the same. Switch and keycap are not sunk into the peripheral body, allowing easy cleaning.

The upper part in metal and the lower part in ABS contain some layers of foam which, combined with blue tactile switchne they significantly reduce the clicking sound of typing, without compromising its performance. This makes it very helpful not only for the game, but also if you want to work at night without disturbing our family members. In the part behind the main body there are 3 porte USB type-C that allow you to position the cable on the right, left or in the center of the device according to our needs. The others can conveniently be used as additional USB ports should the need arise.

Right or left? The choice is yours – MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review

The real peculiarity of this keyboard is the “modularity”That you have with the numeric keypad. In fact, this should not be connected via a cable to the keyboard, but through the special concealed connectors. In fact, in the lower part of the keypad there will be a track that will allow the exit, to the right or left, of the latter. Thanks to this very functional design, we will be able to connect the keypad to the right or left of our keyboard.

Once connected, it will be detected immediately and it will be like having a single large keyboard. However, during the desk cleaning phase, the connection will not allow the two bodies to be moved at the same time. The latter in fact turns out to be not very resistant and the excessive weight of the keypad could compromise the connectors forever present if we tried to lift the keyboard with one hand.

MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review: small and quiet

Lots of speed and little noise – MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review

This modularity certainly did not compromise the engineering work from the point of view of the reliability and speed that this keyboard can offer to users. Although the tactile switches are slightly less performing than others, such as the red ones, the Everest 60 turns out to be really fast anyway. Tested on various types of games, it has always performed very wellwhether it was MOBA or shooter games.

Thanks to key rollover, the technology that allows you to correctly manage sequences of keys pressed simultaneously, it will be possible face our opponents without missing a single keystroke. This turns into the reactivity of our character who will carry out every command we give. To this is then added one refresh rate equal to 1000 Hz. We will therefore not risk getting caught or not throwing a grenade in the most hectic phases of the matches.

Although therefore it is reactive, for the less experienced who do not know the American layout or who do not remember exactly the position of the keys, switching with this device may be slightly problematic. Different layouts in fact involve different positions of punctuation, but not only. In America accented letters do not exist and therefore finding the various “è”, “é”, “ò”, “à” and “ù” on the keyboard, if you do not know their original position on the Italian layout, it will be impossible. Furthermore the absence of the keysF1“, “F2”And so on, at least from a visual point of view, it could create some problems if you are not able to use the“ Fn ”key which activates the secondary functions of the keys.

MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review: small and quiet

Good customization also on the software side – MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review

It is right, at this point of the review regarding the MOUNTAIN Everest 60, to talk about the software Base Camp, true heart of visual customization and more. Through this program it will be possible handle every aspect of our Everest 60, but we will also be able to control all the other peripherals of the company. As we reported in the datasheet, the keyboard has a internal memory capable of saving up to 5 profilesdepending on our needs.

These will not only determine the lighting that we are going to choose, but they will also manage the various macros that we will set and will disable some key combinations depending on the previously chosen settings. We will therefore be able to have all the combinations that we like best, depending on the game we decide to start, just a click away. Furthermore, to avoid unnecessary distractions or simple memory failures, it will be possible to associate a game or a program to each profile.

In this way, every time one of the latter is started, the profile will change automatically. It will therefore be possible play with the optimal settings without necessarily going to change them manually. The software will also allow for keyboard firmware updates, allowing us to fully enjoy every improvement that will be made over the months by the company. Unique in this software are the available only on Windows systems e the absence of the Italian language which may slightly impair usage for some users.

Good silent game

We have reached the end of this review concerning the MOUNTAIN Everest 60 and therefore it is time to take stock. This small keyboard will allow anyone to play at the highest level, thanks to an unparalleled reactivity. In fact, the company’s tactile switches allow you to do lightning-fast work, without neglecting the silence that distinguishes them.

Playing at night will no longer be a problem. The possibility to install a numeric keypad makes it hybrid and ensures all users have the perfect keyboard, whether you have a lot of space on your desk or not. The connection with the main body of the Everest 60 is immediate. A small defect, however, in this case comes from the coupling support, not strong enough to support the weight of the keypad. Lifting the keyboard with one hand will therefore be impossible.

Another small problem could arise from the layout americano, especially for less experienced users. If you then make the transition from a full keyboard to this compact, the first impact will be even more important. Once you have climbed this rock, however, the experience will be truly indescribable. We therefore recommend the purchase to those who have no problems with different layouts and to those who want to enjoy excellent in-game performance. The silence also makes it excellent even for those who might want to use it at work. Compactness and extractable power cable make it easily transportable.

We remind you that this keyboard is available in various colors and in versions with and without numeric keypad. It starts with a value € 139.99 for the basic one and € 189.99 for the one with numeric keypad. Prices probably won’t be affordable for everyone, but given the qualities of Everest 60 they can be considered adequate. That’s all for this MOUNTAIN Everest 60 review. In order not to miss future news and reviews regarding the MOUNTAIN company and the hardware universe in general, continue to follow the pages of!

Fast, powerful and silent

Points in favor

  • Rapid
  • Quiet
  • Ability to add numeric keypad left or right
  • Customization via software …

Points against

  • Layout solo americano
  • … on Windows systems only
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