Mouse removable from MacBook keyboard: a new Apple patent

The next Macbooks may have a mouse that can be removed from the keyboard, according to a recently filed patent

The Apple frequently files patents that will not necessarily see the light in the near future, but in doing so he is sure to secure the property intellectual / industrial so that competitors cannot develop a similar product.

Mouse removable from MacBook keyboard: a new Apple patent

The new patent filed all’USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Filing Office, ed) from the Cupertino company as “Deployable Key Mouse” shows how a specific key could integrate a pointer defined by Apple as “comfortable, portable and precise.”

Specifically, the aforementioned key should maintain its function as long as it remains connected to the keyboard, and once extracted it would “transform” into a full-fledged pointer.

However convenient it is to have a mini (or micro?) Mouse removable from our keyboard MacBook, Apple itself is keen to specify that the activities that require a more intensive use of the mouse such as the creation of graphic content, photo editing, etc., will still be advisable to carry out them with a dedicated mouse, probably because, however interesting and certainly appreciated the idea is to have a built-in mouse, you have to deal with the limits of ergonomics imposed by decidedly small size of the device, which would lead to inevitable inconvenience in prolonged use.

Mouse removable from MacBook keyboard: a new Apple patent

The new Apple patent lists various functional systems for peripheral integration, such as the insertion / extraction of one or more keys vertically or horizontally from the keyboard, and specifies that these would be keys among the less commonly used, placed on an edge of the MacBook.

As previously said this is just one of the many patents filed by Apple and it is not certain that it will ever see the light, for the moment we expect the company to announce the new MacBook 14 “and 16” with the new version of the proprietary processor “Silicon”From which a new design and many new features are expected, which we expect will be presented as usual in September.

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