Moversi and Forever Bambù, a partnership for a cleaner Italy

Moversi e Forever Bambù, una partnership per un’Italia più pulita thumbnail

Getting around is the innovative app designed by Claudio Leonardi to make the daily journeys of Italians efficient and, to help make the our cleanest countryhas also drawn up a collaboration with Forever Bamboo.

Moversi and Forever Bamboo for the environment

The app has already been developed and will be launched as soon as the minimum number of 10,000 members of the community is reached, in order to guarantee the effective functioning of the system.

It is an app by Smart Mobility for daily mobility, which makes it possible to transform the car traffic network into a service for the public, redefining the car from a strictly personal means of transport to a means of transport with a connective service and for everyone.

“The idea was born by observing the unsustainable traffic caused by cars which almost always carry only the driver” commented Claudio Leonardi.

“The road network is a public service and so why not also think of the cars that cross it every day as a means of collective and public transport? The benefits of this revolution are endless: environmental, social, physical and economic. Furthermore, to further encourage users to embrace our sustainability philosophy, we have decided to invest 10% of our revenues in giant bamboo forestation with Forever Bambù to offset the CO2 emissions of motorists registered with Moversi”.

How to use

The use is very simple: the pre-registration has a cost of 10 euro. Once done, the motorist or pedestrian will have to enter his route. From there, the app will match the routes and warn the two interested parties, in real time, of the possibility of sharing the road, guiding them to the meeting point. At the end of the journey, the motorist will receive 10 cents from the passenger for each km shared.

“We can’t wait to get moving too,” he said Emanuele Rissone, CEO of Forever Bambù. “This smart car pooling already works hard to reduce the environmental impact of cars in terms of traffic and CO2, but with the planting of new trees the positive effect will more than double, as each of our plants will absorb additional CO2, considering that a bamboo forest absorbs and stores carbon dioxide in quantities 36 times greater than any other forest”.

As already mentioned, the app is completed and is now in the pre-registration phase: already 1000 people have joined the community, but Moversi will finally be online as soon as the minimum number of 10 thousand subscribers.