Moviedle is the new Wordle spin-off for movie fans

Moviedle è il nuovo spin-off di Wordle per gli appassionati di cinema thumbnail

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Hands up if you think the Wordle spin-off craze is getting out of hand. After Framed, the Wordle that challenged film buffs to recognize the movies of the day, comes a similar game: Moviedle. Unlike Framed though, which showed individual frames from the films, Moviedle provides players with one-second clips with various scenes from the film to guess. By skipping (or entering wrong answers) the clip will slow down, allowing users to better observe the sequences. In total it will be possible to make six skips / wrong answers.

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Cinema, music, video games: there is a Wordle for everything!

Moviedle is just the latest addition to the world of browser games that incorporate the hugely popular Wordle. Other spin-offs involved the world of music, gaming, videogame soundtracks and even a battle royale. Here are all the versions we have dealt with in recent months. Good fun!

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