Mr Run and Jump review: a blast from the past

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In this new review of ours, we’re going to find out what makes the modern reboot of the historic Atari title Mr Run and Jump special. A real return to the past albeit in a modern key

This review by Mr Run and Jump opens with a small revival of its history. Born in 2021 as a game for the historic console Atari 2600, 30 years after the last official cartridge released. Designed by John Mikulaa longtime developer of the St. Louis-based indie studio Graphite Lab, immediately enthralled thousands of players around the world thanks to retro graphics and gameplay that threw you perfectly into 90’s. It was precisely this enormous and unexpected success that convinced the development teams of Atari e Graphite Lab to create a modern version of Mr. Run and Jump, adapting it graphically and not only to the latest generation consoles and PCs with particular attention to detail and a neon style that certainly does not go unnoticed. So we just have to find out what the main strengths of the title are and what disappointed us a bit.

A world to save | Mr Run and Jump Review

Our little Mr Run and Jump will be grappling with a world to save and all with jumps and perfect timing. Being a chapter game, there is no real story nor an interaction between several characters. In fact, the single-player mode is perfectly based on the original game and allows you to advance to the next levels only if you pass the previous one.

Said like this it may seem like a piece of cake, but we assure you that before writing this review of Mr Run and Jump we had the opportunity to spend a few hours in the game and the challenge becomes difficult right from the start. All of this is obviously preceded by a small tutorial which introduces you i basic commands thanks to which you will familiarize yourself with the title. During the entire adventure we will be accompanied by our faithful little dog who from the point of view of the plot does not take away or add anything at all, but will prove to be very useful as we progress through the various levels of the game.

Mr Run and Jump review: a blast from the past

Arm yourself with a lot of patience | Mr Run and Jump review

As we have already anticipated, Mr Run and Jump after the first few minutes of the game may seem like a title from gameplay almost trivial and for enthusiasts of very young age. In reality each chapter is built in order to represent a real challenge and the times in which you will find yourself forced to return to the checkpoint previous because they fell into the jaws of enemies or on the sharp edges of traps. To overcome each obstacle you will therefore have to arm yourself with a lot of patience, you will have to carefully analyze the movements of the enemies and evaluate the distances that separate you between one block and another so as not to fall into the traps present. The timing therefore represents the central fulcrum of the title, moreover, each chapter is meant to be played multiple times so if you can’t complete all the objectives on the first try, don’t despair!

In each map special rewards are hidden that you can access by following alternative routes, but be careful because to collect them you will have to overcome very complex obstacles and each reward will have the flavor of an epochal victory. Fortunately you will be accompanied by music reminiscent of retro games, as relaxing as it is pleasant and which is never invasive or boring. For all nostalgic or long-standing gamers it will be like reliving a real throwback to the past and many hours spent in front of the screen await you. At any time you can change the difficulty of the gameFurthermore, you can decide whether to activate the aids and how often they will appear on the screen. A very wise choice by the developers perhaps to avoid being hated too much by enthusiasts with very little patience and which certainly made the Mr Run and Jump review less tiring during the intense heat days we experienced.

Mr Run and Jump review: a blast from the past

Last second fight | Mr Run and Jump Review

In addition to the classic mode in which you will face the various chapters of the story, there is also a mode “Time trial” where there is a real run-up to the best time. We recommend playing it only after spending several hours on the title overcoming obstacles and enemies so as not to feel frustrated, the secrets of the maps are numerous and every millimeter available can make the difference between the success and failure of the chapter. We still don’t know if there will be an official global ranking divided up for each platform or if it’s simply an end in itself and useful way to brag about your performance on the web or with friends.

Mr Run and Jump review: a blast from the past

An explosion of neon colors | Mr Run and Jump Review

From a technical point of view, Mr Run and Jump manages to perfectly encapsulate the essence of 90s gaming and harmoniously blends it with modern times. The maps as well as the characters and animations are certainly much more advanced than what was seen in the Atari 2600 cartridge and ensure an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience. Very accentuated neon colors, perhaps too much at times, but which contribute to making this title recognizable and unique in its kind. Certainly the development team was very brave to present graphics of this type in an era characterized by the run-up to photorealism and exasperated simulation. A choice that in our opinion will pay off as many enthusiasts approached the world of video games in the 90s and therefore appreciate this nostalgic atmospherebut at the same time modern and pleasant.

Mr Run and Jump review: a blast from the past

The game was officially released on July 25, 2023 for all platforms (PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and of course in special format on Atari VCS). Already after the first hours, the number of downloads was very high and the positive reviews flocked almost like the orbs present in the maps. From the point of view of gameplay and graphics, it exceeds the wildest expectations and makes simplicity its main strength. What leaves a bitter taste in the mouth is the lack of alternative game modes and which risk making the experience a bit too repetitive especially in the long term. An aspect which, however, can be improved, for example, with the addition of any DLC in the future and which can further improve our review of Mr Run and Jump.

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A successful retro title, but which leaves a pinch of disappointment in the mouth…

Plus points

  • Map construction and sound
  • Simple gameplay, but addictive and full of challenges;
  • Operation nostalgia perfectly successful.

Points against

  • Very limited game modes