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MSI MEG Ai1300P and Ai1000P components

Leaked MSI MEG Ai1300P and Ai1000P power supplies, optimized for GPU power spikes

MSI (here for more about the company) is preparing a line of high-end “smart” power supplies below the series MEG Ai P. Some of the most relevant slides from its launch presentation have leaked to the web. The power supplies are designed for ATX 3.0 e PCI-Express Gen 5.0. Native connectors included PCI-Express a 16 pin 12VHPWR capable of providing 600W of power. The range includes two models: Ai1300P (1300 W) e Ai1000P (1000 W).

MSI MEG Ai1300P and Ai1000P components

Technical details of the MSI MEG Ai1300P and Ai1000P power supplies

A key aspect of these PSUs’ ATX 3.0 specification compliance is their ability to handle power excursions (peak loads) from GPUs, with intervals between 1 and 10 milliseconds. Specifically, these PSUs can handle GPU power hikes up to 3 times the rated load (for example: a GPU with a typical 450W of power pulling peaks of 1350W). In some of the older PSUs, excursions have been known to activate overload protection and shut down the system. MSI MEG Ai P series power supplies can handle excursions up to 2 times the nameplate capacity of the power supply (for example: 2600W for 1300W model). And they can even manage 3 times that of the 16-pin connector (i.e. 1800 W). These peaks typically have an extremely narrow range and therefore do not threaten the integrity of the circuits.

Another interesting feature of the MSI MEG Ai P series is the ability for the user to monitor the various electrical and thermal parameters power supply runtime using the app Gamer Intelligence. The power supply interfaces with the software via a connection USB 2.0 (internal header). The app allows you to monitor the load on various voltage channels, real-time switching efficiency, fan speed, etc. It is unknown when MSI plans to launch them.

MSI MEG Ai1300P and Ai1000P components

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