lamp post charging station to extend the network

Ubitricity trasforma i lampioni in stazioni di ricarica per veicoli elettrici thumbnail

The race against time is open, both by car manufacturers who have to adapt production lines to multiply electric models, and also by public bodies and operators. The stakes are high. From the 2035, as is widely known, it will only be possible to buy cars with an electric motor. This in practice means that the network of charging stations must be as dense as possible.

While charging stations are slowly popping up along motorways and in supermarket car parks, urban centers must also begin to be equipped. This is where Ubitricity’s charging points come into play. This subsidiary of the Shell group has developed for France a box called Étoile, which is installed on the existing lamppost and makes it a charging station.

Charging station connected to the lamppost: the winning idea for expanding the network

The idea is brilliant: there is no need to install dedicated terminals, which is expensive and requires heavy road works. These “magic boxes” they take advantage of the electrical network that powers the street lamp, allowing them to supply a maximum power of 5.5 kW. The system developed by Ubitricity is designed to recharge a vehicle when the owner does not have a garage with a suitable outlet. Common thing for those who live in the city.

lamp post charging station 2

The driver can pay for the recharge reading a QR code with your smartphone. Ad hoc recharging therefore works without registration or subscription. Ubitricity also offers a subscription system to service providers. These terminals are already installed in several countries in Europe, but above all they are now widespread in Germany and the United Kingdom. Now they have landed in France in the Calais area, and the hope is to see them soon in Italy as well.

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