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Mur: the documentary dedicated to migrants at the cinema

Mur, the new documentary by Kasia Smutniak, is now available at the cinema. Let’s discover the plot and the trailer

It arrives in theaters today Murthe brand new documentary that brought the actress, for the first time Kasia Smutniak to the director. The film had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival and to Rome Film Festival 2023in the section Special Screening. This is a useful project to shed light on a burning issue, which Kasia Smutniak decided to denounce through her first directorial work: the construction of barriers to prevent the passage of refugees.

Mur: the documentary dedicated to migrants at the cinema

Plot and cast | Mur: the documentary dedicated to migrants at the cinema

Mur transports us to March 2022, a period in which, due to the Russian invasion of Ukrainian territories, a wave of new refugees poured into the border territories. Among the countries that experienced the arrival of these people on the front line, we find Poland, which was able to deal with the situation promptly and generously. The same state that also decided to build a wall to block new entries into the country. The director herself, with the help of some activists, will take us to these places, to show us what really happens along that strip of land, called the red zone, which runs along the border of Belarus and prevents anyone from approaching and seeing the construction of this wall.

The documentary is produced by Domenico Procacci, Laura Paolucci and from the same Kasia Smutniakwho, in addition to having shot the documentary himself, also wrote the film, in collaboration with Marella Bombini.

The director’s words

On the occasion of the creation of Mur, Kasia Smutniak returned to her homeland, Poland, to tell one of the saddest pages of her native country. The woman confessed:

I desperately needed to shed light on the situation of rejected migrants at the borders of Europe, on the border between Poland and Belarus. After the first trip with Diego Bianchi, in which we shot a report on that dramatic situation for Propaganda Live, I began to think about how and what I could do. And I left. I am Polish and I was born ten years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, that wall determined my whole life. When I saw that another one was being built to stop migrants, I immediately thought of the absurdity of that gesture, to think that it could stop someone is incredible. And in fact it hasn’t stopped anyone, but others are being built in Europe, the whole world is going in the direction of closure. Dividing, we know, only brings dramatic consequences.

In addition to having a great emotional charge due to the reality told and, unfortunately, very often ignored especially by those who live far from those places, Mur also becomes a way for the director to explore herself and her origins:

The opportunity to explore other walls of my existence: the one in front of my grandmother’s kitchen was from the Jewish cemetery of the Litzmannstadt ghetto, in Łódź. A Holocaust scholar explained to me how these divisions lead to trauma in subsequent generations. And even places retain a memory, as in the case of my story. I don’t come from a Jewish family, but my maternal grandparents ended up living by chance in a building built on the rubble of a ghetto.

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