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MWC 2023: AVM previews the FRITZ news

AVM at MWC 2023 shows a preview of FRITZ news, the future of connections: fiber, DSL with Wi-Fi 7, tri-band Mesh, 5G and much more

AVM, the Berlin communications specialist, will present the current generation of connection devices during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: fiber and DSL in one FRITZ!Box, 10 gigabit/s with fiber, fast Internet with 5G, Wi-Fi 7 con Mesh tri-band a 6 GHzas well as new features for the Smart Home thanks to the standards DECT ULE, Zigbee e Matter. Furthermore, from 27 February to 2 March, AVM will present all the new FRITZ! at the Hall 7allo stand 7E53.

The new FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro di AVM combines optical fiber and DSL in one device for the first time. This combination enables fast, future-proof Internet access and offers flexibility in those areas where optical fiber has not yet been installed.

Also including one very powerful 6 GHz tri-band network, the new third Wi-Fi frequency band. The new FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro supports the current wireless standard Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of Wi-Fi connections, with improvements in terms of latency, speed and throughput. This combination will enable powerful wireless communication for all real-time applications in the future such as, for example, cloud computing, gaming and virtual reality. With its modern, innovative design and essential lines, the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro includes additional features for the Smart Home: in addition to DECT ULE, it also features the Zigbee wireless standard and is Matter-ready.

MWC 2023: AVM previews the FRITZ news

MWC 2023: AVM previews the FRITZ news

AVM presents the FRITZ!Box 5690 XGS, an ultra-fast fiber optic FRITZ!Box: a real powerhouse capable of reaching speeds of up to 10 gigabit/s in fiber optic networks thanks to the XGS-PON standard.

In fact, it will be possible to browse and access streaming services with a super-fast connection through 5G mobile networks. LTE e achieves data rates of up to 1.3 gigabit/s. It also includes Mesh Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6 standard that can distribute data wirelessly throughout your home. Thanks to the new small size design and connection for power supply via Power over Ethernet, the FRITZ!Box 6860 5G can be flexibly placed anywhere in the house, even on a wall. The FRITZ!Box 6860 5G includes a practical feature that ensures that the device fits optimally into the home environment.

MWC 2023: AVM previews the FRITZ news

AVM expands the offer FRITZ! for the Smart Home with Zigbee wireless technology. In addition to DECT ULE, devices with Zigbee can now be connected directly via the FRITZ!Box. The first products to support both Zigbee and DECT are the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro, the FRITZ!Box 5690 XGS and the new FRITZ!Smart Gateway, a product that combines DECT and Zigbee in a single device and expands the FRITZ! for the Smart Home with a series of new applications. New integration possibilities, especially for lighting control of Zigbee and other manufacturers’ LED lights that can be easily integrated into the FRITZ! Smart Home.

In addition to these upcoming announcements, AVM will be showing visitors the full range of FRITZ! for all broadband technologies with the current Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard. Furthermore, it will be possible to see the new FRITZ!OS 7.50 in action, the update with over 150 new features and improvements for FRITZ! products. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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