My friend Peppa Pig is available: here’s the launch trailer!

Through a press release, Outright Games and Bandai Namco have announced that the title dedicated to the youngest, My friend Peppa Pig, is now available on PC and Console and have also disclosed the launch trailer

Bandai Namco has recently published the new chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology and after Man of Medan and Little Hope a promising House of Ashes has appeared on the market. We will be able to tell you more when, after the due technical times, you will find our complete review here on In the meantime, the company has also expanded the world of titles dedicated to children with a video game dedicated to a character as educational as he is loved. Through a press release, in fact, the Outright Games developers announced that My friend Peppa Pig is finally available. The game, created in collaboration with Hasbro, was released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC and is based on the popular preschool animated series Peppa Pig. In the title you can join Peppa and all your favorite characters in a new interactive adventure, in which you can create your protagonist and live your story.

You can join Peppa, Mum and Dad Pig, Suzy, Mr Potato and many others in an experience where, at first, you can customize your character, explore some places from the popular TV series and participate in many fun activities with Peppa. Thanks to simple and intuitive controls, the youngest among you, together with your parents, can have fun with Peppa in this completely single player title. For the occasion, Bandai Namco has also disclosed the launch trailer, which you can find below.

My friend Peppa Pig: here’s the launch trailer!

For the occasion, the CEO di Outright Games, Terry Malham, he has declared:

We are very happy to bring the world of Peppa Pig to all fans with this new adventure video game. It was truly extraordinary to produce a video game in collaboration with Hasbro where each player can become the main character of their own story while playing alongside Peppa. And we are really happy to have created a title that children and parents can enjoy together, discovering all the amazing things that the world of Peppa Pig has to offer.

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