My Friend Peppa Pig: the first downloadable content arrives

La Mia Amica Peppa Pig - Avventure piratesche: arriva il primo contenuto scaricabile thumbnail

Outright Games has launched the first downloadable content for its acclaimed children’s video game: My Friend Peppa Pig – Pirate Adventures, which includes new characters, new settings and new gaming experiences with Peppa and her friends who will discover the world of pirates. The DLC is available for purchase since last March 25 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Accompany Peppa on this special pirate adventure aboard Captain Hog’s ship to hunt for hidden treasures, explore new environments, including Captain Hog’s Hideout, Belinda Bear’s house, Treasure Island, Mollie’s house Mole and Danny Dog’s birthday party, but not only.

In fact, there will also be more than thirty new activities to try: from hoisting the pirate flag to talking to the parrot Polly.

My friend Peppa Pig: the story of the game

My friend Peppa Pig, inspired by Hasbro’s popular animated series for kids, launched in October 2021 for consoles, PC and Stadia, followed by releases for next-generation consoles in January 2022, immediately garnering the appreciation of fans, families and critics. This open world adventure game allows players to: create their own avatar, become friends with Peppa and explore all the most famous locations in the series.

Here is the trailer for the game: it’s time to close the hatches and set sail with Peppa and her pirate friends on an electrifying adventure

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