Kurogiri  è il terzo personaggio DLC del Season Pass 2 di My Hero One’s Justice 2 thumbnail

My Hero One’s Justice 2: Kurogiri’s character arrives

Kurogiri is the third DLC character of the Season Pass 2 of My Hero One's Justice 2 thumbnail

With the release of a new trailer, we meet Kurogiri, the new mysterious member of the Union of Villains from My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Kurogiri arriva su My Hero One’s Justice 2 – Il Trailer

Get ready for even more unique battles as the air is thinning and a strange fog is descending on the battlefield: it has arrived. Kurogiri. The latter is the mysterious component of the Union of Villains who, from today, joins the roster of playable characters. Fans will be able to take full advantage of his secret weapon: the Quirk “Warp Gate”. Through this move it will be possible to take your opponents by surprise, appearing out of nowhere to trap them, without any mercy, in the dark portals of the character. Let’s get to know him better in the new trailer which also shows us how he performs on the battlefield.

Kurogiri is therefore the third character to be part of the Season Pass 2 DLC. We remind you that each DLC is available as part of the Season Pass, but can also be purchased separately. The demo is still available for consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch – and PC. The demo also gives access to the start of the game in the Story mode and to Free Battle with 6 characters from the roster.

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