My Son: James McAvoy in the experimental film trailer

James McAvoy stars unscripted and unaware of the plot in the thriller My Son, of which we present the trailer

James McAvoy is busy shooting a totally experimental and out of the ordinary film. In a very interesting experiment, called My Son, the Scottish actor doesn’t have a script, or at least he does not know it in its entirety, thus finding himself in full freedom of improvisation in every scene.

The film is inspired by a corresponding French film, entitled My Son (original Mon Garçon) from 2017, directed by Christian Carion and starring Guillame Canet e Melanie Laurent. It is a thriller and is available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. The plot tells of a father desperate to find his missing son. The peculiarity of the film is to let the leading actor act without a script, improvising on the basis of what happens around him with the other actors who instead follow the script. Due to the instant nature of the filming that was to capture Canet’s spontaneity, the film was shot in just six days.

My Son: the trailer of the film with James McAvoy

Director Christian Carion then repeated the experiment by going to Scotland and working with James McAvoy as the father of the missing child. Again, the actor did not receive any script. He only knew the opening words, which he sees a man receives a phone call from his ex-wife who informs him of the disappearance of their 7-year-old son from a campsite in the woods.

For the rest of the story, until the epilogue, it’s all improvised. The discovery of the trauma experienced by her character therefore took place scene by scene along with the other actors, including Claire Foy, who had precise dialogue to follow and had to support McAvoy’s improvisation. We will therefore see in the rooms the result of this bizarre experiment.

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