My Universe – Doctors & Nurses: Put on your lab coat and become a primary!

My Universe – Doctors & Nurses: diventa un primario con camice, stetoscopio e...controller thumbnail

Here comes My Universe – Doctors & Nurses, the video game in which becoming a primary in the best hospital in town is a breeze.

Trailer and first images of My Universe – Doctors & Nurses

Aspiring doctors, today becoming primary no longer requires years and years of study. On the contrary: all you need is a console or a PC. Of course we talk about My Universe – Doctors & Nurses, the videogame that allows everyone to wear a lab coat to become a doctor or nurse. Because after all, Christmas is approaching, and we are all a bit altruistic (at least in game).

After all, at the dawn of 2022 it is particularly fashionable to diagnose diseases and infections. Then prepare the gown: it’s time to treat injuries and treat patients in the ward. Becoming primary is a breeze on the new 3D simulator of the My Universe series. It is a real challenge in a lively hospital environment, where you can meet all kinds of patients and face many surprises.

In My Universe – Doctors & Nurses Players will have to play the part of two novices who have just arrived at the hospital. They will have to build relationships with old and new team members, and discover their personalities. Of course, in an environment as competitive as the medical one, there is a rival, Dr. Pierce, to be kept at bay! During this adventure, you will obviously have to take care of numerous patients, who arrive day after day. it will not be easy to understand the different symptoms and overcome many fun mini-games to cure them.

The video game was released just a few days ago – December 3, 2021 – and is available for consoles (Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4) and computers (PC and Mac). This title joins the large My Universe family, with highly successful titles such as Pet Clinic – Cats & Dogs, Cooking Star Restaurant, My Baby. Two more titles recently added: My Universe – Interior Designer e My Universe – Puppies & Kitten.