Youthquake launches a NFT collection of artwork

Youthquake lancia una collezione di NFT di opere d'arte thumbnail

Youthquake, a data driven marketing agency based in Milan and London, launches a series of NFT of digital works. Among these works are images, 3D videos, illustrations and artwork. The works will be released on a regular basis on the main NFT marketplaces, starting with OpenSea and Rarible. According to the agency, these works represent the first step towards the Metaverse. Here are all the details of the initiative:

Youthquake launches NFT of digital artwork

Digital artworks will be released with a relationship independent of the token that represents them. This report will contain encrypted statements on which artists will be able to store the details of their works and other information relating to their production. Youthquake’s digital artwork NFTs will be available on marketplaces such as OpenSea e Rarible. All NFTs are made possible by leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts. It’s about a immutable digital property destined to play an increasingly important role in the near future.

The comment of the agency

Matteo Milione, Managing Partner of Youthquake, declares: “To keep up with the times, in Youthquake we have been working for about a year on the creation of digital works. The result is an NFT collection of original art works with blockchain technologies that will then be integrated into integrated virtual reality environments to create an experiential and digital type of art. NFTs, of course, are just one of several technologies that will allow people to live in the Metaverse. “