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My Universe: Green Adventure – Farmer Friends will be available on June 30th

A new 3D simulation game is coming, which will take us into the beauty of nature and make us experience the 0 km lifestyle. Let’s talk about My Universe: Green Adventure – Farmer Friends, developed by Microids, and part of the My Universe game franchise we already know (My Baby, School Teacher, Fashion Boutique, Cooking Star Restaurant, Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs, Puppies & Kittens, Interior Designer and Doctors & Nurses). The new simulator will be released on June 30 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam).

Rediscovering the air as well with My Universe: Green Adventure – Farmer Friends

You can also be a farmer within the domestic walls of the city, did you know that? Farmer Friends takes us in the middle of the countryside, with a 3D simulation suitable for the whole family. Players will have to, at least virtually, put on dungarees and rubber boots, move through the mud, and take their first steps on the family’s newly inherited farm. Crops, flowers, animals and a lot of land: get ready to create a 0 km business with the green products of your farm. And don’t forget to decorate it according to your tastes, and to take care of the many animals that populate it. They will be the ones to provide you with the best organic products, but only if you treat them with care.

Who would have thought that getting into the business of sustainable agriculture would also be fun? By exploring the adjacent areas it will be possible to discover new types of materials and fertilizers. But the experienced farmers will have to remember not to stay away too long: the animals need food (and affection) and the flowers need water. In short, the entire cultivation cycle must be respected to obtain quality and km0 products.

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The daily missions will then give the game an adventurous touch, with buildings to renovate and mini-games to complete. The relationship with the neighborhood is also important: the inhabitants of the town will have needs, and satisfying them means making your farm grow. Players will then have to be creative in making new delicacies: jams and yogurt all depend on your ability to try your hand at new and unprecedented recipes.

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