Internet of things, Italian homes are becoming increasingly smart

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The homes of the Italians become more and more smart, even if the concern for privacy is high. This is what emerges from the survey in Italy by Other consumption on the relationship between users, the Internet of Things and the Smart Home.

Internet of things and smart homes in Italy, the Altroconsumo survey

The Internet of Things market in Italy continues to grow, now reaching 650 million euros. Altroconsumo therefore involved 1,187 citizens in a survey to discover the relationship with smart devices (excluding smartphones and tablets).

According to what emerges also from the data ofInternet of Things Observatory of the Politecnico di Milanoil 46% of Italians have at least one “smart” device. The most present object (excluding computers, phones and tablets) is undoubtedly the smart TV, which has the 72% of the interviewees.

There are also many Italians who use voice assistants, albeit with a large percentage drop: 29%. Not far away we find printers (23%) and smart bulbs (20%). But appliances are also growing a lot: washing machine (17%), refrigerator (13%) e dishwasher (10%).

But when it comes to utility, even 6 out of 10 do not find smart functions useful for household appliances. 72%, on the other hand, appreciate the possibility of accessing the tsecurity cameras remotely with your smartphone. Also appreciated the ability to manage the smart home to save on the bill.

A third of users told Altroconsumo they had problems with Smart TVs and printers. Especially for checking through app (43% of those who had problems), for wi-fi (36%) or for software (32%).

Il 69% of the interviewees However, he declares to fear that his sensitive data may be used by private companies without authorization. Furthermore, the fear of possible is also high data theft (always enable two-factor authentication where possible).

You can read the entire survey here.

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