N26 presents the Global Digital Banking Index 2021 survey

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N26 launched the Global Digital Banking Index 2021. This is a survey conducted through a sample interview with over 47,000 consumers of banking services in 28 international markets, including many European countries, including Italy, China and Saudi Arabia. The study aims to identify the key factors and barriers to entry that characterize the digital banking sector. According to data emerging from the Global Digital Banking Index 2021, there is a large, yet unexplored market for the sector that could reach 1.4 billion customers.

N26 presents the results of the Global Digital Banking Index 2021

According to the survey data, considering the 28 countries involved in the research, almost 1 in 4 consumers (23%, or around 450 million customers) already has a purely digital bank account. About 46% of the total bankable population, according to one estimate, would be motivated to open a purely digital account. The key elements of digital banking are good value for money, ease of use and clear and comprehensive communication.

Note that the number of customers with account exclusively digital is growing sharply. Between 2018 and 2020, in Italy, there was an improvement of + 28%. At the demographic level, on an international scale, the digital account attracts more men who represent 59% of the total. In Italy, on the other hand, women represent 45% of digital bank customers. To find out all the data that emerged from the survey, you can consult the official site of N26.

The comment of N26

Andrea Isola, General Manager di N26 Italy & Southeast Europe, comments: “It is clear that building and earning trust is a key factor for the future of our sector, especially as we do not have centuries of experience like traditional banks. However, the pandemic has shown that we need to focus on the future, not the past. That’s why N26 is working on building banking for the 21st century and continues to earn the trust of millions of customers around the world “