Nacon e Rig lanciano la campagna CrashBack

Nacon and Rig launch the CrashBack campaign

Nacon Italia presents CrashBack, the cashback campaign dedicated to its community and to all fans of the gaming world

Dal 21 November to 31 December 2022, users will be able to purchase a headset from the series RIG Protake a video or photo while they are scrapping old gaming headsets and upload it to the Nacon Academy, the new virtual community by Nacon, thus taking part in an initiative that is as simple as it is useful. Once the content has been uploaded, a confirmation email will arrive with a code and they will be credited 250 save from the value of 25 euro.

A great opportunity for Nacon users who will be able to save thanks to the bonus received and at the same time engage in the correct scrapping of old gaming headsets.

Nacon and Rig launch the CrashBack campaign

Reduce the environmental impact

Attention to the planet is one of the most urgent and central issues of our time and reducing the environmental impact has become an essential mission for every company, including the technology sector. To consolidate its environmental commitment and raise awareness among gamers on the correct scrapping of gaming devices, Nacon Italia therefore invites its community to participate in this challenge with a simple and easy-to-access, fun and stimulating concept, which rewards commitment and creativity. of the crew the Nacon Academy.

Nacon’s commitment to environmental sustainability had already emerged with the headset series RIG Prowhich stand out in production and packaging: the RIG Pro headphones are particularly light because they are made with a very low percentage of plastic, and the packages have a completely cardboard packaging inside.

Nacon and Rig launch the CrashBack campaign

More information

For more details on how to participate a CrashBack visit the dedicated website. What do you think of this new cashback campaign, dedicated to the community and to all fans of the Nacon Italia gaming world? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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