Nacon al Gamescom 2022: tante novità e ben 3 trailer thumbnail

Nacon at Gamescom 2022: many news and 3 trailers

Al Gamescom 2022he publisher Nacon presented three new game trailers coming soon or updates expected for video games that are already very popular. And then accessories, video game products and much more.

Gamescom 2022: Nacon presents three new trailers

The Cologne video game fair, Gamescom 2022, has just closed after full days for all the patrons. Finally in attendance, video game lovers and all representatives of the gaming industry were able to return to see each other face to face and explore the games and technology they love.

Nacon could not miss. In addition to showing accessories and physical products, it also showed interesting demos and three video game trailers that it is about to launch or update. Among them, the new trailer for Steelrising.

The development team of Spiders has recreated some of the most important Parisian settings, allowing players to immerse themselves in the details of the story. From monuments to famous districts: we can admire the Louvrethe Bastille and even the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Nacon also unveiled a new map of San Francisco for Session: Skate Sim. Hundreds of thousands of players can access this new early access content. And the streets of San Fran lend themselves really well to the adventures of this simulator.

Speaking of simulators: After receiving 80% positive reviews for early access on Steam, Train Life: A Railway Simulator is ready for official launch. The trailer for PC shows the first railway simulation in the world of gaming. From the driver to the company manager, you can lead your trains to success.

All the games, as well as the accessories, are available on the Nacon website. There are also several interesting offers active at the moment, take a look.

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