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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

In the ninth part of the guide, we will move from the exclusive arenas to the 3DS format to the scenarios previously only seen in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

So far we have seen arene relatively simple, but today after the 3DS version we will introduce in ours guide i received scenarios and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. If what we have seen so far seemed perhaps a bit complicated to you, then, expect the unexpected: in today’s episode we will see the penultimate settings from the fourth chapter. The novelties of Ultimate itself, however, we will see them in episodes 11 and 12. In the appendix, however, we will talk about a universal concept to the point of going well beyond the mere field of fighting games. Today we will go into a little technical and talk about hitbox!

Preamble of the Appendix

Here’s what to expect from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arena and scenario guide. In each of these twelve events, we will talk about each scenario, its origins, who are the fighters who play at home and, in the case of the DLC, also the availability. No scenario, except for the aforementioned downloadable content, needs to be unlocked: everything is available right from the start of the game. Ironically, you may need to unlock historically associated characters at certain levels, but there is a guide for that too. Furthermore, as for the wrestlers, here too the images precede their respective section. Are you ready?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Tortimer Island – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

Among the arenas and scenarios from the 3DS version (two are still missing, including this one) seen in this guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, theTortimer Island it is perhaps one of the largest. The layout always includes a jetty and an islet whose palm trees provide platforms, but outside the sea on the sides, the various elements are random. Never random in such a way as to make the fights too chaotic, but the matches tend to differ from each other. Ah, we forgot the sharks: you better keep away from the water, if you can!

  • Origin: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Stage representative of: Villager, Fuffi
  • History: With the player acting as mayor in New Leaf (with the then newcomer Fuffi ready to take on the role of assistant handyman), former mayor Tortimer has retired to private life. His island is accessible by paying off Tom’s first mortgage “who else?” Nook, and houses shops and creatures with which to expand your inventory in ways otherwise impossible in the city. After the first visit, the player must turn to Remo to get to the island. And it is Remo who will take Tortimer’s place here. Fear not, Tortimer hasn’t passed away yet: he can be found on Fiorilio’s Island in New Horizons for Switch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Unova Pokémon League – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

The fifth generation of Pokémon has no fighters to represent it, but certainly the scenarios of the fourth Smash could not have ended with a better arena. There Relieve Pokémon in Unima features a main platform accompanied by two smaller traversable ones, but the background can change in three different ways. The appearance of Reshiram or Zekrom can respectively put a sword and fire or electrocute some points of the scenario. If, on the other hand, it is the Castello di N that stands out on the horizon, then the two edges of the main platform will be accompanied by as many sloping walk-offs.

  • Origin: Pokemon White Version and Pokemon Black Version
  • Stage representative of: Pikachu, Pichu, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Pokémon Trainer (sixth costume)
  • History: Trying to limit spoilers as much as possible, the Unova region is the only one where the defeat of the League Champion only comes after the credits. The appearance of the Team Plasma headquarters in the background is a reference to this twist of the rules, never seen before in the series. We refuse to reveal anything else to you.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Arena – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

The arenas of the Wii U version open with a little unimaginative in the name, or so in the Italian translation. Colosseum, simply by us Arenaconsists of a single large floor (with walk-offs on both sides), from which different platform layouts emerge from time to time.

  • Origin: serie Fire Emblem
  • Stage representative of: Marth, Roy, Ike, Corrin
  • History: Arenas are places where the various combat units at their disposal can engage in different clashes. The risk of permanently losing a unit is still present, but the potential gain of experience points is also tangible. This is a constant in every episode of the series, much like we described the Besieged Castle.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

The Two Dimensional Zone X – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arena and scenario advanced guide

By merging Flat Zone from Melee and Two-Dimensional Zone 2 from Brawl, the fourth Smash came up with the Two-dimensional Zone X. Within the screen of a Game & Watch (with the two resulting walk-offs), layouts from the two previous levels alternate.

  • Origin: Game & Watch console series (1980)
  • Stage representative of: Mr. Game & Watch
  • History: The late Gunpei Yokoi has been one of Nintendo’s great minds ever since, in the 1960s, his recreational use of a mechanical arm resulted in Hiroshi Yamauchi’s brilliant intuition of making it a toy. After the Ultra Hand (1966), fourteen years later, Yokoi saw a commuter fiddling with a calculator, and the rest is history.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Gamer – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

There was talk of random layouts with Tortimer Island, and here the Wii U version of the fourth Smash also offers an arena with this basic idea. The premise of Gamer it consists of a desk to fight on, while various furnishings serve as solid and non-solid platforms. In the background, however, from time to time a gigantic maternal figure will peep out, inflicting a disproportionate amount of damage to the unfortunates who are in her field of vision. Woe to the first one who makes jokes alluding to animatronic animals, understood?

  • Origin: Game & Wario
  • Stage representative of: Wario (odd costumes)
  • History: Game & Wario has reworked the entire WarioWare formula on Wii U, opting for a few longer-lasting mini-games. Gamer, the mode dedicated to the beloved 9-Volt, does justice to how passionate Nintendo the character is. In this mode, the player must play the classic micro-games on Gamepad, while the 5-Volt mother must be kept an eye on on the TV. Nintendo itself has begged players not to follow 9-Volt’s lead. As if we had never played video games secretly from parents!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Serra Hope – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

Have you ever wondered, playing on the Remote Planet, how nice it would be to clash between the various trinkets of the Pikmin series? No? Too bad, because Serra Hope is here to answer the question. While at both ends there are as many moving platforms that go up and down, the action takes place in the center, on the two main solid platforms. A destructible sloping bridge connects them. Pottery items can also be destroyed, either by players or by the Onion Crab that occasionally invades the field. Ceramics will be rebuilt automatically by some Pikmin, unless the Coleto in the background focuses on the arena.

  • Origin: Pikmin 3
  • Stage representative of: Alph (Olimar with costumes from 4 to 8)
  • History: This is the second area that can be visited in Pikmin 3, after saving Louie. And since Louie is Olimar’s shoulder as much as Luigi is the supporting actor of… well, Mario, in a rush of courage he abandons the Drake shuttle after having landed it in Serra Speranza. He is so cowardly that he believes that Alph, Charlie and Brittany are his tormentors …

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Pokémon Kalos League – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

The League (the one nice with the Elite Four, of course) has also arrived on Wii U, combining the setting with the Kalos region. What to expect from the Relieve Pokémon in Kalos, so? The arena remains basically flat, save for the variations of each Elite Four that never fail to spice up the clashes. The Fire version adds two pillars of fire in the center. With the Dragon variant, similar purplish flashes are unleashed on the scenario. The Acqua version adds two sloping walk-offs that transform everything into a slide. Finally, the Steel version sticks two broadswords in the center, which transform the closest fighters into metal. Warning: Legendary Pokémon appear from time to time, shuffling the cards on the table even more!

  • Origin: pokemon x and y
  • Stage representative of: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Mewtwo, Greninja, Lucario, Pokémon Trainer (seventh costume)
  • History: The last destination of Calem and Serena (canonical names of the protagonists) proposes the aesthetics of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The Victory Way theme that precedes the structure (present in Ultimate) takes up an idea discarded by the Yellow Version, or a pressing musical theme for trainers without Pokémon at the beginning of the game. The Elite Four, which can be faced in free order, are Narcissus for the Water type, Timeus for the Steel type, Lilia for the Dragon type and… the Fire type boasts a true white fly. In fact, Malva is not only the face of the Holovox, but as such she is (or at least was) a member of the evil Team Flare!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

The Mario Circuit – advanced guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arenas and scenarios

If the Ottotornante has changed its name to avoid confusing us, the Mario circuit It is, to all intents and purposes, what the name implies. The arena will lead us to various points of the track, on which the corresponding eight possible layouts depend. In the movements between one and the other, the clash will naturally take place on board a traveling platform. Be careful: every now and then, the track and its (dangerous) drivers will be over your heads!

  • Origin: Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Stage representative of: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Bowser Junior, Rosalinda and Sfavillotto
  • History: Unlike Mario Kart DS (Ottotornante), where Shy Guys were only available in single-cartridge multiplayer, Mario Kart 7 and 8 characters are full-blown drivers. The track itself, ironically, is a real “ottotornante” itself, but one arranged like a Möbius tape. For this, it runs on both surfaces of the strip. The stylized layout of the track appears in the stylized eight in the game’s logo, and the track appears on the cover of the original for Wii U. The Switch edition replaces it with N64 Rainbow Track.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Guide to Arenas and Scenarios (Part 9)

Mario Galaxy – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arena and scenario advanced guide

This was expected in Brawl, and instead the scenario inspired by one of the most loved Mario games of all time missed a Smash. Be that as it may, Mario Galaxy proposes for the first time a “gravitational” layout that affects …