Nacon annuncia la nascita di un nuovo studio di sviluppo a Milano thumbnail

Nacon inaugurates a new development studio in Milan

Nacona leading company in the European videogame industry, has announced the birth of a new development studio based in Milan. The project will lead to the birth of a new reality in the videogame sector and of the French group. This study will be born will include the developer RaceWard Studiopart of the Nacon group since 2019, and for some time active in Milan.

Nacon announces the birth of a new development studio in Milan

Nacon’s new Milan-based studio is currently working on developing new driving games. The team is made up of RaceWard staff. Note that the studio also works on a action / adventure game, managed by another division of the new firm.

The company comment

Marco Ponte, CEO of Nacon Studio Milan, he points out: “We are proud of the direction we are going. Originally a team of racing experts, the studio grew rapidly and our new talent gave us a desire to explore new territory. That’s why we decided to broaden our horizons by creating another type of game as well. We can’t wait to present this new project to the world “

More details on the new project under development at Nacon’s new Milan studio will certainly arrive over the next few months. Recall that, in recent months, Nacon announced the acquisition of Daedalic Entertainment and Midgar Studio, recording new steps forward in its growth program.

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