NACON: the new RIG PRO SERIES headphones now available

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NACON has announced the availability in stores of its new range of RIG “PRO SERIES” headphones

NACON (click here to visit the site) is one of the main protagonists of videogame publishing and producer of high quality gaming accessories. The company is pleased to announce that the gaming headset RIG “PRO Series”Are available on the European market from 4 October. The “PRO Series” includes eight new models from three ranges: RIG 300 PRO, RIG 500 PRO e RIG 800 PRO.

Statements regarding NACON’s new RIG PRO SERIES headphones

Below are the first statements regarding the new NACON headphones.

We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of the new generation of RIG gaming headsets in Europe and to offer console and PC gamers a range of options to suit their style of play,

said Gregory Morquin, NACON’s Global Business Director. Which he then continued, stating that:

In addition to the two new wired headphones, we wanted to make a major update to the RIG 800 PRO, our popular wireless gaming headphones, by adding a multifunctional docking station. The new PRO series will offer gamers the unmatched comfort and performance of RIG gaming headsets, all at an affordable price.

NACON: the new RIG PRO SERIES headphones now available

G 300 PRO: Exceptional quality gaming headset at the best price

Gamers can now play longer, more comfortably and without breaking the bank thanks to the unmatched performance of the headphones RIG 300 PRO. Its large insulating pavilions incorporate 40 mm finely tuned, which deliver rich bass and clear highs. The microphone can be raised for easy transport and storage. The flexible, lightweight and virtually indestructible headband is paired with foam pads that provide the comfort you need for long gaming sessions.

RIG 300 PRO is available in different models:

  • 300 PRO HS per PlayStationin black or white, priced at € 29.99
  • le 300 PRO HX per Xboxin black or white, priced at € 29.99
  • and finally the 300 PRO HN for Nintendo Switchin black, priced at € 29.99

All models are compatible with consoles and PCs, and all media equipped with a 3.5mm jack.

NACON: the new RIG PRO SERIES headphones now available

RIG 500 PRO (GEN 2): The competition-ready gaming headset

The new generation of headphones RIG 500 PRO has everything that made the first edition a success, with many improvements. It features a brand new metal headband that is lightweight, flexible and highly durable. Dual material ear cushions help block outside noise and provide lasting comfort. The headphones are equipped with 50mm drivers, optimized for games with 3D sound. The activation code Dolby Atmos even in the headphones, valid for 2 years, guarantees total immersion in your favorite games.

RIG 500 PRO is available in different models:

  • 500 PRO HC (GEN 2) per consolein black or white, priced at € 79.99
  • and the 500 PRO HA (GEN 2) for PCin black, priced at € 79.99

RIG 500 PRO HC is compatible with consoles and with all media equipped with a 3.5 mm jack. RIG 500 PRO HA comes with a Y-cable for the sound card and is recommended for PC gaming. It also remains compatible with consoles.

RIG 800 PRO: The wireless gaming headset with a multifunctional base

RIG 800 PRO takes you to the next level with its multifunctional docking station, which provides wireless connection, charging and headphone storage. The detachable wireless USB adapter can also be plugged directly into your console, PC or laptop, allowing you to place the dock wherever you want. In addition to 24-hour battery life, the lightweight headphones offer exceptional comfort to gamers thanks to the lightweight headband with adjustable suspension and dual material ear cushions. This allows you to play for hours without any hassle. The 40mm bass-boosting drivers have been tuned for 3D sound and offer total immersion in the game.

RIG 800 PRO is available in different models:

  • 800 PRO HS per PlayStation at a price of € 199.99
  • Le 800 PRO HX per Xbox a € 199,99
  • and finally the 800 PRO HD for PC a € 199,99

The 800 PRO HD and 800 PRO HX models include a lifetime license for Dolby Atmos and offer gamers three-dimensional audio by simply plugging headphones into their preferred platform.

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