The European Union chooses USB-C (also for iPhones)

L'Unione Europea sceglie l'USB-C (anche per gli iPhone) thumbnail

L’European Union decided: theUSB-C it will be the only charging port for i electronic devices such as smartphones (including iPhones). By 2024Apple will also need to bring USB-C ports to their devices, including iPad e AirPods.

The European Union mandates the use of USB-C, even for iPhones

The vote of the European Parliament sanctions the introduction of a “single entry” for electronic devices. The measure concerns all manufacturers, but given that almost all Android devices already adopt theUSB-Cthe most important changes will have to come from Apple.

Parliament voted with only 13 against and explained that by the end of 2024 smartphones, tablets and cameras must have USB-C. Within spring 2026, the same will be true for laptops. But the change will also affect up to speed headphones and earphones, viewers of any kind, portable consoles, speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, navigatorsthe. Everyone will need to have wired charging up to 100 Watts using the USB Type-C port.

The only exceptions are products that are too small, such as smart watches and sport trackers.

But the news of the EU also concern interoperable wired and wireless charging standards, so that you don’t have to buy the brand’s charger to get fast charging.

Apple will have to change the most, as although laptops and some iPads use USB-C, many products use the Lightning cable. But top leakers like Bloomberg’s Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman report Apple will bring USB-C already on the iPhone 15 or at the latest on the iPhone 16.

Within two years, Apple’s entire product line is expected to transition to the new type of charging. Not only because of European laws, but also because the faster data transfer for iPhone Pro ProRes videos and faster top-ups are increasingly necessary technological innovations.

Was Europe the push Apple was waiting for? We will find out within the next two years.